10 Amazing Hoodies For 2018

| December 29, 2017

New year, who dis? 

New Year's resolutions are being set and as you reflect over this last year, you consider what needs updated in your life. Maybe it's time to hit the gym. Maybe it's time to practice more self love. Whatever your goals are, updating your fashion should always be one of them.

It's a new year, which means it's time to update that wardrobe (and don't forget your rave wardrobe!) and reinvent yourself.

We don't mean get rid of everything you own, we are just saying add a few new signature pieces for the year that will liven up your style.  

What better way than to brighten your style than with a new epic hoodie. Hoodies are that year-round essential clothing item perfect for layering. From the cold winter months to those chilled summer nights, a new hoodie is the perfect signature item everyone needs. 

Here are 10 Amazing Hoodies For 2018. 


1. Dripping Space Hoodie


The Dripping Space Hoodie has become one of the top sellers and for good reason. This hoodie depicts a painted galactic view that is being covered by negative space. This hoodie can have many meanings and once it's yours, you can decide what it means to you. 



2. Blue Galaxy Hoodie


The Blue Galaxy Hoodie may be the most vibrant space design you will ever find printed on a hoodie. The cool hues with the sparkling deep space clusters feel infinite. This hoodie is perfect for all you stargazers who love to get lost in the universe.



3. DJ Groot Hoodie


Groot is obviously our favorite Guardian of the Galaxy and it's because his wholesome heart conquers everything. He truly represents PLUR. This spacey depiction of DJ Groot is the most epic rave wear item of the year. 



4. Esoteric Hoodie


The Esoteric Hoodie is an enlightening piece that depicts all the zen you want to encompass this new year. This detailed design features the flower of life, along with other sacred geometry designs. We love conscious clothings, so check out more Sacred Geometry styles HERE



5. Pickle Rick Hoodie 


Pickle Rick is the newest and most hilarious design in the Cartoon Collection. This spacey hoodie features Rick in pickle form. If you have seen the show, you will appreciate the humor. Rick & Morty fans for life! 



6. Stranger Things Hoodie


We promise this year will only get stranger. Stranger Things lovers rejoice! This hoodie is front and back design that depicts your favorite mysterious show. 



7. Fear And Loathing Hoodie


If you haven't read books by Hunter S. Thompson, let 2018 be the year of enlightenment. If you have, then this hoodie is a must-have. Fear And Loathing fans will gawk over this psychedelic hoodie. "Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die." 



7. Dino Shat Hoodie


Dino Shat is a brand new hilarious T-Rex hoodie that will definitely get some head turns. This Dino's rainbow shats are a cloudy all-over print design that will have everyone laughing. Dino Shat is one of our newest vibrant designs. Check out more brand new Hilarious Designs HERE



8. Chai Hoodie 


The Chai Hoodie is one of our newest designs, that is a sublimated print design that was originally a watercolor canvas. This piece of art features an adorable panda bear smoking hookah. The artist, Marc Allante said in an iEDM Interview that this was his favorite piece of art. This is just one from the new collection of watercolor styles that we offer, for more check out the full Marc Allante Collection HERE. 



9. Haunting My Dreams Hoodie


Our list would not be complete without a Pokemon hoodie design. 90s kids rejoice, our favorite game / show / collectors items are now available to wear as your favorite hoodie. Check out more epic Pokemon Designs HERE



10. Dragons Hoodie


This Skyrim inspired hoodie is perfect for all your gamers out there. We know how addicting Skyrim is. It's not just a game, it's a lifestyle. With this hoodie you can fully represent your addiction for this magical world. 


It's time to toss out those old stained hoodies you have had since college (or maybe even high school). Let the new year be your time to reinvent your wardrobe with a brand new all-over print artistic hoodie design.

Check out more amazing Hoodies HERE.   

Or if Zip-Up Hoodies are more your style, check out 10 Zip-Up Hoodies Perfect For Layering HERE


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