10 Rave Cloaks To Keep You Warm This Winter

| January 05, 2022

Looking for a way to combine your love for art and eccentric fashion this winter? Step up your outerwear game with an iEDM Rave Cloak. Cloaks are a unique way to stay warm and comfortable through the crisp climate. These luxuriously soft cloaks are made with our signature poly-fleece fabric. It ensures that the designs have maximum brilliance while effectively guarding you from chilly weather. Each cloak is hooded and comes with spacious pockets that are the optimal size for all your essentials.


Cloaks are a rave fashion must-have that will keep you cozy so you can focus on dancing the night away. If you need a go-to piece for late night festival shenanigans or winter shows, our cloaks will amplify your style for any occasion. We handpicked 10 of our favorite designs from our collection for inspiration.


Check out our 10 favorite Rave Cloaks below.



Green Psychedelic Nebula Rave Cloak


iEDM’s Green Psychedelic Nebula Rave Cloak will make all your intergalactic dreams come true. Swirls of green and aqua stardust will envelope you in warmth, carrying your mind far away from the frigid winds of winter. 


Get iEDM's Green Psychedelic Nebula Rave Cloak HERE!



Neon Rift Rave Cloak

Unleash your artistic side with the breathtaking splash of colors in the Neon Rift Rave Cloak. From shades of violet to glimmering gold and everything in between, this prismatic piece has something for everyone.


Get iEDM’s Neon Rift Rave Cloak HERE!



Magic Lyfe Rave Cloak


If you shop at iEDM, chances are that you are a fierce and bold trendsetter, so you deserve a design that reflects that. The Magic Lyfe Rave Cloak does exactly that. This compelling pattern will surely draw attention and set you apart from the crowd.


Get iEDM’s Magic Lyfe Rave Cloak HERE!



Manifest Processor Rave Cloak


The Manifest Processor Rave Cloak is a psychedelic journey into the deepest depths of creative energy. The rainbow inspired artwork will make you feel like you are lost in a matrix, transcending all boundaries of fashion.


Get iEDM’s Manifest Processor Rave Cloak HERE!



Mystic River Rave Cloak


The abstract and vibrant bursts of color in the Mystic River Rave Cloak will look gorgeous no matter what you wear with it. Play up the colors with apparel from our ultra-soft Joggers.


Get iEDM’s Mystic River Rave Cloak HERE!



Alignment Rave Cloak


If you are searching for something more simplistic yet still rave inspired, look no further than the Alignment Rave Cloak. The trippy black and white pattern is strikingly hypnotic.


Get iEDM’s Alignment Rave Cloak HERE!



Magical Balance Cloak


The Magical Balance Rave Cloak features a psychedelic print with rich pigments. There are plenty of hidden shapes and lines that also add interest to it. If you plan on wearing this to a show, check out some accessories from our Glow Factory Collection to elevate your look.


Get iEDM’s Magical Balance Rave Cloak HERE!



Chaos Rave Cloak


This multicolored skull design shines bright in the sleek fabric of the Chaos Rave Cloak. It creates a bold and enigmatic look and will add effortless flair to any outfit.


Get iEDM’s Chaos Rave Cloak HERE!



Growth Rave Cloak

The vivid neon print in the Growth Rave Cloak creates a surreal vibe. The spectrum of colors is riveting and will look incredible at your next event. 


Get iEDM's Growth Rave Cloak HERE!



Neverland Rave Cloak


The floral dreamscape in the Neverland Rave Cloak is simply mesmerizing. It is also the perfect gift idea for any plant lover in your life.


Get iEDM’s Neverland Rave Cloak HERE!


Want even more incredible festival fashion? Shop iEDM's Psychedelic Collection HERE for astounding prints and next level looks!


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