10 Matching Festival Outfits For You And Bae

| September 13, 2017

Even the most callous of people have a soft spot. When the right one swoops in and hits you right in the feels, all these crazy emotions make you want to do things that you may have rolled your eyes at before feeling the love. For example, you may have thought holding hands everywhere was a little *extra* until you found the one that you wanted to show everyone was yours.

Matching outfits may have made you vomit a little until you found the one that matches you perfectly in every way. 

All of these matching pairs will show not only your union, but what type of union you two have. Although they all work well for festivals, they also work well for everyday casual wear. The best kind of wardrobe is the one you can wear anywhere. 

Whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner in crime, or best friend, here are 10 festival outfits that will make you two look like the dream team you are. 


1. Bass Rainbow T-Shirt & Crop Top 

Get colorful with this rainbow bass drop. Perfect for festivals, raves, and music events of all kinds, whether its a Phish show or a Nectar concert, check out our Gratefully Dyed Collection HERE for a color scheme that will fit both of you perfectly. 




2. Joker Kandi Full And Surgical Mask

Life is grand when you find someone who is your kind of crazy. Take your partner in crime to a rave and have a wild night. The masks will always remind you of the best times together. Be the more mysterious one with the full mask or stick to the surgical mask for a more open look. If the Joker isn't your style, check out more epic Kandi Masks HERE




3. Astronaut Pals T-Shirt & Crop Top

How many couples does this describe perfectly. You have your cuddle bear and foxy kitty. This is the cutest way to match your other half on a galactic adventure through the cosmic vibes of a festival




4. Dream State Shorts And Leggings 

Match the guy or girl of your dreams with these sacred mandala dream state bottoms. The flower of life and Metatron's cube are two of the most sacred geometrical configurations. Express your elevated existence together. Check out more Sacred Geometry Designs HERE




5. Bertha Shorts And Crop Top 

The perfect match for Dead heads. Bertha is here to show off your hippie side with beautiful blues, purples, and reds. Throw these one and dance around with your lover to the psychedelic jams of one of the most infamous bands to exist. 




6. Acid Pikachu Men's Tank And Crop Top 

It's easier to catch 'em all when you work in a team. Play time now may be playing Pokemon Go or getting down at a festival or show. This is perfect for all gamer and 90s baby couples who have a trippy twist to them. Remember, teamwork make the dreamwork. 




7. Pizza T-Shirt And Crop Top 

What power couple doesn't like pizza. This greasy goodness is enough to drool over, imagine it on bae. If this cheesy pleasure isn't enough for you, check out the rest of our Food Collection HERE for tacos, candy, pancakes, and bananas. 




8. Attuned Shorts And Leggings 

The attuned couples wear comes in not only matching pants, but also t-shirts, crop tops, and hoodies. Meditate with your sweetheart, align those chakras, and open that third eye, all while looking amazing. 




9. Blue Galaxy Hoodie And Trance State Hoodie

Do you love them to the moon and back? Get spacey on your out-of-this-world experiences with your beloved. iEDM has multiple color schemes, so if you would prefer a different color scheme, we have your back with yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, and pink tones. Check out more Space Vibes HERE for more celestial designs.




10. Metatronic Tank And Leggings 

Metatron's cube is the scared field of all creation. Ascend your vibrations together and wear this 13 point to show it off. Couples that expand their consciousness together, stay together. Spiritual progression is something that you should strive for with each other, but also individually. Wearing something like this will not only look awesome, but it will attract people who may share the same ideas as you. 


We hope all of you conscious couples have been enjoying festival season and loving each other immensely. Check out more from the iEDM Couples Collection HERE

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

Read More...Kylie is an Atlanta based writer with an incurable wanderlust. She found her way to EDM music at very early age when her parents would play their Florida breaks techno and amuse her with flow toys in the living room.

Ultra Miami 2015 was her first music festival, and she has been to over 15 more since. Her favorite EDM artists are Bassnectar, Purity Ring, Flume, Griz, and RL Grime. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing with a focus in entertainment. Future plans include living, loving, and creating.

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