Top 10 Floral Prints to Add to Your Wardrobe This Summer

Floral prints

| June 22, 2023

The summer vibes are high and bright, so now is the best time to upgrade your wardrobe to match the energy. Floral-themed fashion is a major trend this festival season, so we selected 10 of our favorite floral prints for you. Each design is custom-made with a distinct style, so there is no shortage of unique options for whatever the mood is.

There is everything from flower-patterned prints to more abstract works of art. iEDM’s floral collection has a variety of pieces, from t-shirts, backpacks, jackets, hats, and much more. Whether you are a nature lover or looking for some earthy pieces to wear so you can stand out at your next event, this guide has plenty of choices for you.

Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Floral Prints to Add to Your Wardrobe This Summer below.

Floral prints

10) Beauty of Life Hoodie & Joggers Combo 
Beauty of Life Hoodie & Joggers

Take the guess-work out of outfit planning and look effortlessly exquisite with the Beauty of Life Hoodie & Joggers. The art taps into the power of feminine energy with a beautiful goddess at the forefront. The tropical touches make this an amazing option for summer or outdoor events.

Check out iEDM's Beauty of Life Hoodie & Joggers Combo HERE!


9) Floral Dorian Unisex Hoodie


Floral Dorian Unisex Hoodie


Become one with the forces of nature with the Floral Dorian Unisex Hoodie. The design is symbolic of how we are all connected to our planet. The skull outline is blooming with delicate flowers, creating a serene look.

Check out iEDM's Floral Dorian Unisex Hoodie HERE! 

Floral prints

8) Darkness Joggers
Darkness Joggers

Show off your edgy side with iEDM’s Darkness Joggers. The black and white floral print creates a grungy, heavy metal vibe. The best part is that you can choose our standard fabric or upgrade to cloud or crushed velvet for a customized fit!

Check out iEDM's Darkness Joggers HERE!


7) Midnight Garden T-Shirt
Midnight Garden T-Shirt

Lose yourself in the mystical hues of blues and violet in the Midnight Garden T-Shirt. The flower artwork shines brilliantly alongside the black tone of the fabric. This shirt is guaranteed to level up your personal style.

Check out iEDM's Midnight Garden T-Shirt HERE!  




6) Neverland Backpack
Neverland Backpack

If you are looking for the perfect backpack to add to your festival fashion closet, you absolutely need the Neverland Backpack. The detailed print will stand out while also matching every rave outfit. iEDM’s spacious backpacks are lightweight and waterproof. The padded shoulders will always keep you comfortable.

Check out iEDM's Neverland Backpack HERE! 

Floral Prints

5) Vapor Cloak
Vapor Cloak

The mesmerizing blush accents on the Vapor Cloak make for a wearable art masterpiece. The all-over bloomy print will make a great addition to your next festival look. Not to mention that this cloak is an ultra-versatile rave must-have thanks to its cozy fabric and large pockets.

Check out iEDM's Vapor Cloak HERE!


4) My Little Flower T-Shirt
My Little Flower T-Shirt

Fashion is a creative outlet for storytelling and the My Little Flower T-Shirt is a prime example of that. The intergalactic flower is the center of the design and the guiding force for the astronaut seemingly lost in space. This hypnotic t-shirt is the perfect choice for your next rave.

Check iEDM's My Little Flower T-Shirt HERE!


3) Endless Soul Bucket Hat
Endless Soul Bucket Hat

Beat the blistering heat while looking dripped out to the max with iEDM’s Endless Soul Bucket Hat. This gothic-inspired hat will be your go-to accessory to match the energy at heavier dubstep shows. The soft mesh lining in this bucket will keep the hat breathable while being protective.

Check out iEDM’s Endless Soul Bucket Hat HERE! 

Floral Prints

2) Floral Skull Bomber Jacket

Floral Skull Bomber Jacket

If you want an old school, classic vibe, then the Floral Skull Bomber Jacket is our top pick for you. This high-quality jacket is made using an all-over sublimation technique so it can be a long-lasting, reliable staple in your wardrobe for years to come. The elaborate flora engulfs the skull, blooming to life.  

Check out iEDM's Floral Skull Bomber Jacket HERE!


1) Dark Path Long Sleeve Shirt

Dark Path Long Sleeve Shirt


The Dark Path Long Sleeve Shirt is a gorgeous top that every nature enthusiast will adore. The eye-catching graphic will make you look like a living, breathing garden. Go all out and cover yourself head to toe with this elegant artwork with a pair of matching leggings.

Check out iEDM's Dark Path Long Sleeve Shirt HERE!



Upgrade your rave closet this festival season with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire floral collection HERE!

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