10 Freaky Looks for Halloween 2022

| October 12, 2022

The wait is finally gone with spooky season arriving this October! Welcome this year's Halloween and celebration of the macabre by spoiling yourself to a fresh, ghoulish look. Halloween raves and festivals take place all weekend, so spoil yourself with multiple outfits and accessories to complete your costume. Explore your self-expression this Halloween 2022 with many looks differing from comical, horrifying, or endearing; iEDM has a multitude of countless looks that can achieve your ideal Halloween costume!

Check out iEDM's 10 Freaky Looks for Halloween 2022 below! 


Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo

While many costumes are designed to deliver a memorable scare, this Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo will do the opposite as you trick or treat around the neighborhood. Determined to give those around you a gag and a laugh, this costume is workplace and classroom appropriate. More than a costume, these shorts are timeless for Spongebob Squarepants lovers and can be worn at additional EDM events.  


Buy iEDM's Patrick T-Shirt And Shorts Combo HERE!


Horror Villains Hoodie 

Jigsaw, Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and other horror film villains come alive with fear in this comfortable, yet fashionable hoodie. Halloween is celebrated for a day while horror films are forever, so demonstrate your adoration for the characters that inhibit viewers from sleeping at night. If a hoodie is too hot for your Halloween night, the Horror Villains T-Shirt is more suitable.


Buy iEDM's Horror Villains Hoodie HERE!


Bones Bandana Mask

Looking for a simple but classic look? This Bones Bandana Mask can be paired with a simple black hoodie or the Bones Hoodie for a coordinated costume! If you're interested in more edgy skeleton outfits and accessories for this Halloween, view the entire Bones collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Bones Bandana Mask HERE!


Jack Skellington Crop Top

I can already hear Danny Elfman's, "This Is Halloween" with this beautiful and festive crop top. Becoming relevant as modern pop culture, Jack Skellington is easily a favorite Disney Character of many. Display your love for the Pumpkin King in this dark purple tie-dye Jack Skellington Crop Top that is both dreamy and daunting.


Buy iEDM's Jack Skellington Crop Top HERE!


Black Pattern Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo

Cats, bats, spiders, and potions possess this hoodie and leggings combo as the ultimate Fall-themed look. If you're a fan of the Occult and not so much horror films, this combo still delivers a dark and subtle vibe. If you want a pop of color, this set is also available in pink HERE.


Buy iEDM's Black Pattern Hoodie And Leggings Combo HERE!


Suger Skull Hoodie And Leggings Combo

Día de los Muertos is just as important to celebrate as Halloween! If the last hoodie and leggings combo wasn't colorful enough for you, this Suger Skull Hoodies and Leggings Combo will color you happy. With a vibrant but delicate print, this set's intricate design is a sight for sore eyes (or skull). Combine this outfit with a Hooded Blanket as seen in the image for the ultimate cozy and Fall-themed ensemble. 


Buy iEDM's Suger Skull Hoodie And Leggings Combo HERE!


Pennywise Onesie

Who needs an elaborate costume when there's onesies? Practical and low-maintenance, onesies are perfect for trick-or-treating then heading to a Halloween party to stay warm at night. This Pennywise Onesie calls for a hockey or clown mask to complete the costume. 


Buy iEDM's Pennywise Onesie HERE!


Hairy Chest T-Shirt And Shorts Combo

This Hairy Chest And Shorts Combo will attract double-takes and giggles. A costume made into an optical illusion and playful goofiness can inspire laughs and gasps; people will wonder if you're actually wearing clothes! If you think the front of the costume is humorous, wait until you've seen the backside!


Buy iEDM's Hairy Chest And Shorts Combo HERE!


Clowns Bomber Jacket

Clowns--you either love or loathe them. Scary and stylish, this Clowns Bomber Jacket is eerie and practical to pair with jeans or as an accessory to your costume. If you can't get enough of killer clowns, view the entire collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Clowns Bomber Jacket HERE!


Horror Film Hoodie

The gore and cinematic horror consumes this Horror Film Hoodie with a bloody print. This is another timeless Halloween pick because who doesn't want to celebrate Halloween all year long? Cinephiles, this hoodie was made specifically for you. 


Buy iEDM's Horror Film Hoodie HERE!


Photos courtesy of Alexa Dearing @lxviews, @Haleybaybee, + @jonartista


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