10 New Hydration Packs For Festival Season 2018


| April 09, 2018

Hydration backpacks are the greatest festival invention to date. They are cute and add to your rave outfit, all while helping you carry your essentials around not lose your things. 

A backpack is a necessity to carry your phone, wallet, car keys, kandi and whatever other essentials you want to carry around a music festival. Or if you don't want to carry that much, then a fanny pack can do the trick. 

Say no to boring packs though, because these festival bags are just as sparkling as you. From unicorn designs to holographic mini bags, there is a hydration pack for you. 

All these bags carry water conveniently in a plastic pouch that can be refilled. It reduces wasted water bottles and keeps you hydrated for the entire night. 

Here are 10 new hydration packs for festival season 2018:


1. Magical Unicorn Hydration Backpack 

This Magical Unicorn Hydration Backpack will transform you into a mythical creature when you put the hood up. Even when you don't want the hood up, the gold horn is recognizable and magical. 



2. Clear Holographic Flask Fanny Pack 

The Clear Holographic Flask Fanny Pack is the perfect way to carry all your essentials - phone, keys, wallet, chapstick and water. Included with this holographic butterfly themed waist bag is small plastic flask that conveniently fits inside.  



3. Party Panda Hydration Backpack 

Be the little party panda that you are with this backpack with a comfy hood that converts you into a cuddly panda. It holds 2 liters of water that can conveniently be refilled throughout your entire festival weekend.  



4. Retro Raver Pink Hydration Backpack

This psychedelic design is trippy and shines under the electric sky of EDC. This backpack is all you need for EDC weekend. You can fit your wallet, phone and the equivalence of 4 water bottles conveniently as you dance from stage to stage. 



5. Plurmaid Mini Hydration Backpack 

Let your inner plurmaid shine! Throw on your scaley leggings and glitter for complete mermaid fashion. This bag is perfect for aquatic themed events like Imagine Festival. It's lightweight and not too large. It hold 1 liter of water, which is the perfect amount to get you through your must-see sets. 



6. Holographic Disco Mini Hydration Mini Backpack 

Who's ready for the disco? Make it until the wee hours of the night without getting dehydrated because you are able to conveniently carry two water bottles on your back. This holographic bag will shine and reflect light adding to the ambiance of your perfect festival outfit



7. Melty Face Hydration Backpack 

This art-inspired design features an adorable pop art dog, lips, and wings. Combined with neon colors, this is a melt-your-face design. It fits 4 water bottles with all your rave essentials



8. Rage Wolf Hydration Backpack

It's fuzzy, so be ready to be pet. This rage wolf design keeps your ears warm during cold events. But mostly, it looks adorable and keeps you hydrated. Holding 2 liters of water, this bag has more purpose than making you look ready to dance under the full moon. 



9. Cotton Candy Flask Fanny Pack 

If you aren't into carrying a backpack, then keep it simple with a fanny pack. This cotton candy fanny pack includes a small pouch for a flask-sized drink which will keep you hydrated through your favorite set. The butterfly on the belt will add to your rave outfit.  



10. Holographic Turquoise Hydration Backpack 

This holographic style is for all you blue lovers. This geometric design is unique, holographic, and will match any rave outfit. It holds 2 liters and has a butterfly mouth piece that clips to the side. 


Hydration packs are a festival season must-have. They can be used for more than just raving though. You can take them on hikes, to the park, etc. 

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Lacy Bursick

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