10 Must Have Pop Culture Shirts For 2018

| July 31, 2018


Viral videos like Salt Bae gave us memes to laugh at for a lifetime. Shows like Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things are defining TV shows we talk about with our friends over lunch.

Growing up in the 90s, we had Furbys, Pokemon, and Super Mario, and was blessed with music heroes like Tupac, Biggie and Michael Jackson. 

Pop culture trends have shifted and changed over the years, but they are loved for life. Represent your favorite pop culture characters, trends, shows, movies, moments and music. 

From childhood classics like the Lion King to modern marvels like Adventure Time, iEDM has countless designs to rep the things you love most. Here are our top 10 pop culture picks: 



10. Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt 


The Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt is a Pokemon lover's favorite. Cubone and Haunter's on-going story in the beloved 90's kid series. Then it made a popular come back with the app that had everyone walking around cities trying to catch Pokemon. Check out more Pokemon designs HERE



9. Fear And Loathing Tank Top 


"We can't stop here, this is bat country!" This Hunter S Thompson novel that was later made into a movie that made the concept of gonzo journalism a writing trend. "Too weird to live, too rare to die." 



8. Light It Up T-Shirt 


Light it up with Yoda while watching a Star Wars marathon. For over 40 years, Star Wars has been a pop culture trend that goes beyond Comic Con enthusiasts. The story of Luke Skywalker and a galaxy far, far away will live on forever.



7. Patrick T-Shirt & Shorts Combo 


This hilarious combo will have everyone asking how living under your rock is going. Catch some jellyfish with your best friend Sponge Bob at your next festival. 



6. Trippy Felix T-Shirt 


Felix The Cat was named number 28 out of the 50 best cartoons of all time. This silent character made us laugh without a word. His cute features, exaggerated, and goofy actions make this one of the most monumental animations series of its time. 



5. Meditating Rafiki Tank 



Bitch don't kill my vibe. It is a relatable quote made famous by Kendrick Lamar in recent years. It means be chill and don't disturb the peace. Paired with a meditating rafiki, you've got your new favorite shirt. Good vibes only here. 



4. Bill Hye Thug Life T-Shirt 


Bill Nye the science guy is known for teaching us lessons about science. How else would we know that the atmosphere has layers or that we are made up of DNA? He's the OG science teacher who's back with a series on Netflix. 



3. Salt Bender Tank & Shorts Combo


Bender meets Salt bae, who our favorite viral video of the year. He has given us many memes and continues to be an Instagram account that we stop scrolling for. The way he sprinkles that salt has made him so famous that people now travel to eat at his restaurants.



2. DJ Groot Tank 


Groot is the most heroic Guardian Of The Galaxy who sacrifices himself for a good cause. In the end, a sapling baby Groot emerges. This tank shows our favorite Guardian Of The Galaxy, DJ Groot, throwing down the sickest beats in the entire universe.



1. Futurama T-Shirt 


Planet Express friends Fry, Leela, and Bender are characters that have adults binging cartoons. This futuristic storyline takes place in the 31st century and shows the extremes of global warming and bureaucracy all while making us laugh. 


Pop culture is always going to be favorite picks to add to your wardrobe to express what you like. From your favorite music to tv shows, pop culture defines generations. 


Get inspiration from iEDM's Pop Culture Collection HERE. If you want to rep your 90s kids swag, check out the 90s Collections HERE




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