10 Women's Rave Tops For Spring

| April 14, 2022

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the highly-anticipated start of festival season. Music festivals are known for unapologetic artistic expression. Beyond the music, the creativity festival-goers pour into their outfits to make the experience that much more enjoyable. If you are a female raver searching for outfits that reflect the magic in your soul, look no further. iEDM’s high-quality Women’s Tops are not only soft and breathable, but also showcase amazing works of art. Whether you prefer crop tops or tank tops, iEDM has something for everyone. iEDM's women’s tops that are guaranteed to make you stand out in the festival crowd.


Check out iEDM’s 10 Women's Rave Tops for Spring below.


Holographic Hexagon Tank


The Holographic Hexagon Tank features a bold geometric pattern amplified by stunning holographic colors. You can pair it with matching leggings or play up any outfit with this design. Outshine at your next event with this essential holographic top.


Buy iEDM's Holographic Hexagon Women’s Tank HERE.



Neon Rift Crop Top

If you are looking to up your festival fashion game this season, the Neon Rift Crop Top is a must-have. This top is a technicolor paradise of radiant shades. The swirls of blues, reds, and pinks come together to make a one of a kind top. You can’t go wrong with this abstract inspired wearable art.


Buy iEDM's Neon Rift Crop Top HERE.



Eyecopi Kopie Tank

The Eyecopi Kopie Tank is a dazzling work of art with an enthralling eye surrounded by rainbow splashes of color. It is bound to capture attention and appreciation at any event or festival. Bring your artistic side to light with this one of a kind piece.


Buy iEDM's Eyecopi Kopie Tank HERE.



Wolf Crop Top


This majestic wolfs icy blue gaze will leave anyone who lays their eyes on it in a trance. If you are looking for something with more subdued colors that won’t clash with you’re the rest of your outfit, then the Wolf Crop Top is the ideal choice for you. This is also a great gift idea for any animal lover.


Buy iEDM's Wolf Crop Top HERE.



Mushroom Head Women’s Tank

If you want to channel psychedelic vibes to the max, look no further than the Mushroom Head Tank. It features a trippy skull with mushrooms and a third eye, dripping with rainbow slime. The geometric vortex background frames the skull, making it a show stopping piece of wearable art. This bright and unique top is sure to create a standout look anywhere.


Buy iEDM's Mushroom Head Tank Top HERE.



Water Colors Crop Top

If you want to opt for something more subdued yet still intricate, we recommend the Water Colors Crop Top. The subtle, magical colors bring the classic mandala design to life. Whatever you may wear this with, it is sure to be a look to remember.


Buy iEDM's Water Colors Crop Top HERE.



Splatter Ying Yang Crop Top

Spread love and positive energy with the Splatter Ying Yang Crop Top. The sharp and brilliant peace sign is encircled with splashes of rainbow bliss. This top is available in black or white for whatever vibe you are looking for.


Buy iEDM's Splatter Ying Yang Crop Top HERE.



Neverland Tank

Get lost in the enchanting floral world of the Neverland Tank. The floral rose design is one of a kind and can be worn and appreciated for years to come. This elegant top can be worn with matching leggings if you want to go all out with this look.


Buy iEDM's Neverland Tank Top HERE.



Awe & Wonder Crop Top

Rave fashion is an amazing outlet for storytelling and the Awe & Wonder Crop Top is the embodiment of that. Inspired by the wonderment and magic of life, the art displays someone reaching out towards a glowing triangle. The forest background and shining colors make this the perfect top for a camping festival.


Buy iEDM's Awe & Wonder Crop Top HERE!



Equalizer Beats Tank


The Equalizer Beats Tank is a music production inspired print featuring captivating colors. It will be a go to statement piece that can be wore on multiple occasions, whether it is for a festival or a night out. Represent the music you love in style with this tank top. 


Buy iEDM's Equalizer Beats Tank Top HERE.



Elevate your outfit at your next event with iEDM's Rave Accessories HERE!


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