10 Trippy Crop Tops For Festival Season 2018

| July 27, 2018

Music festivals are a paradise for artistic expression. Beyond the music, the creativity festival goers pour into their festival outfits make the experience that much more enjoyable and unforgettable.

If you are attending any festivals this summer and are looking for outfits that reflect the magic in your soul, look no further. These high-quality crop tops are not only soft and breathable, but also showcase amazing works of art.

Here are 10 of our trippiest crop tops that are guaranteed to make you stand out in the festival crowd.  


1. Eyecopi Kopie




This crop top features a stunning eye framed by splashes of rainbow colors. It is the perfect way show off your bright personality and add artistic depth to any outfit.



2. Imaginatrix





Wear one of the most cherished designs in the universe with this intricately printed sacred geometry top. The black and white pattern is something that can be worn anywhere from a rave to a casual night out.



3. Embrace





Get lost in a cosmic vortex with this gorgeous blue and purple design. The galaxy print is sure to turn heads and the hypnotic mandala in the center will leave everyone mesmerized.



4. Spent





This abstract top is a feast for the eyes with its dazzling swirls of midnight blues and purples. The bright and dark spectrum of colors flow together to create a mind-bending design.



5. African Sun





Nature and art blend together in this design to create an African sunset with a psychedelic twist. Lush black trees contrast with a backdrop filled with ripples of rich and dreamy sunset tones. This one of a kind top oozes summer vibes making it essential for festival season!



6. Wonderland





The wonderland crop top is both trippy and hilarious! It has a sassy intergalactic kitten to match your attitude along with a luminous violet and aqua landscape.    



7. Acid Pikachu





This top gives our beloved childhood Pokémon a much needed upgrade into the adult rave world. The wide-eyed Pikachu is all sorts of enlightened in this blue and yellow acid inspired crop top. It is the type of nostalgia that everyone loves to see at a festival.



8. Bass Rainbow





Bassnectar is at almost every major festival this summer and his merch is a staple in the scene. This abstract tye dyed bassdrop shirt is a creative way to rep the most incredible music movement in the history of electronic music. Chances are you will also get to bond with other bassheads over this awesome design at any festival you attend!



9. Higher Love




If you’re an animal lover and rave fanatic, this multicolored deer top is exactly what you need in your life! The visual impact this diverse range of colors has together is next level and will have heads turning your way at any event!



10. Mandala Madness




This electrifying mandala print features vibrant orange and purple colors that effortlessly complement each other. Pair it with one of our signature booty shorts to create a show stopping festival look.


We offer a wide variety of Crop Tops in addition to these! If you loved these and are eager for more wearable art, check out the rest of our women's crop tops HERE!

Complete your outfits with beautiful designs you can pair with these tops from our Galaxy Collection HERE! 

about the writer

Arooj Mustansir

Arooj Mustansir

Read More...Arooj is based in Wisconsin where she attends school at UW Milwaukee.

She has been wildly passionate about electronic music for as long as she can remember and loves to express it in her writing and photography.

You can catch her getting her bass fix at a festival or Bassnectar event near you.

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