10 Ugly Sweaters To Get In The Spirit For The 2018 Holidays


| November 30, 2018

Holiday Sweaters have seen an interesting evolution in the history of mankind and even more so in the last two decades. This cultural phenomenon has found a place in the heart of every American regardless if you celebrate the holidays or not.

These sweaters have transcended the festivities to take a light-hearted, silly approach to a seasonal trend. Tis the season to take a look at iEDM for your next Ugly Christmas Sweater so you can stand out at your next Holiday party. 


10. GBC Ugly 


Throw it back to the 90s with this classic gamer favorite. Surfing Pikachu is every Pokemon lover's favorite. 



9. Pickle Rick Ugly


Rick and Morty has swept the nation. With plots based on futuristic political realities, science theories, and nihilistic perceptions, millennials have found the utmost appreciation for the comic, concepts in a cartoon world. Bring Pickle Rick to the party.



8. Elf Sweatshirt


If you are all about the classics, then this elf sweater is for you. You can be a simple, delightful Santa's little helper.



7. Santa Bod


And if you are more into the atypical approach to the holidays, I think I found your match. Be the topic of discussion or root of uncomfortable glance this season with our sexy sweatshirt. 



6. Breaking Bad


Baby it's cold outside, which means time to rewatch the emotion wrenching series that will forever be on our top tv show list. 



5. Smoke Ugly 


Let's holiBLAZE. Stoners, this one is for you. There isn't anything better than lighting one up for the holidaze. 



4. Wrong Way Rudolph


Rudolph is known for his red nose, but this Rudolph is posing the wrong way...  



3. Ask Your Mom 


I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus! Santa is sneaky and your mom is on the naughty list this year. 



2. Grumpy Cat 


Hate the holidays? So does this furry friend. Share mutual contempt for this time of year with a new buddy. Heck the holidays! Who needs 'em anyways. 



1. Savage Grinch


Sending Mrs. Claus the "U Up" text at 2am is definitely how you get on the naughty list. She is replying though. The back side says "You're a savage, Mr. Grinch!"



Keep it light and fun this holiday season and don't forget to take care of your friends. 



Check out iEDM for the complete Holiday Gift Guide HERE. As always, we have your back this winter. 

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