10 Vibrant Festival Apparel Choices To Fight the Winter Blues

| October 16, 2018

Winter is a wonderful time - the snow covered trees, the glittering snow as it falls and of course cozy clothes.

But those cloudy days and frigid mornings can add up and eventually wear you down. This season lift your spirits with a more vibrant, colorful wardrobe.

Stay on top of the bleakness that often creeps into our minds during the cold times by adding more daily positivity. We chose a few festival-inspired clothing that will be sure to brighten up your Winter. 


1. Owl Language Unisex Hoodie


Bring one of our most popular designs with you where ever you go. Check out all the designs we have to offer HERE and be sure to share photos of your new favorite iEDM hoodie. 




2. Good Times Only Hoodie Dress



This tie-dye design will not only invite interpretations of the shapes seen but the sublimated print will never fade. This psychedelic hoodie dress will hold up in vibrancy and keep you warmer with it's extra length.




3. Tessellate Long Sleeve



Time to break out the long sleeved shirts! Who says that your winter wardrobe needs to be variants of black and grays? Bring life to this season's selection with our colorful Long Sleeve Selections HERE.




4. Rainbow Fly Hoodie and Leggings Combo



Pair these matching butterfly leggings and hoodie for the ultimate prismatic outfit. We have tons of matching outfits HERE so you can choose your style. 




5. Attuned Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie



Some say that Winter is an introspective time. The cold tends to make us reflect and internalize our world. Stay centered on your personal journey and always remember to find some balance in your busy life. 




6. Gables Unisex Hoodie



Its easy to take for granted the beautiful gifts of nature. The seasons can remind us to appreciate the little things that will not always be there. Stay warm in this floral hoodie and honor our beautiful little friends. 




7. Pastel Nebula Sweater



Space will never cease to be awe-inspiring or mind blowing. Represent the immeasurable realm that makes our life here on Earth seem so minuscule yet unfathomable and precious.  




8. Magical Waves Joggers



How lucky are we to be able to wear stunning designs on clothing that is comfortable? Joggers are taking over as more and more people discover the endless possibilities of this apparel. Feel less restricted in these vivid bottoms.




9. Florida Palm Trees Onesie



Snuggle up in your new onesie on a cold day and teleport yourself to a sunny beach. Although some of us can escape to warmer regions during the nippy weather, use this as an excuse to reach maximum comfort.




10. Pineal Metatron Hoodie and Joggers Combo



Double up on this dazzling sacred geometry design The combination is waiting to be debuted. We have tons of more Sacred Geometry Designs HERE to feel the zen with your wardrobe. 


Find all of our options for cozy apparel HERE at iEDM. We will have you prepared for the weather change. From Hoodies to Outerwear, we've got the most vibrant styles in the world. 


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