10 Ways Music Festivals Aid in Self-Development

| October 15, 2018

Festivals have seen increased popularity in the past decade. From small backyard bangers to massive electric extravaganzas, festivals of all genres and crowds are playing a special role in the self-development of people around the world. The ten points I have selected are based on personal experience and the adventures of my peers.

1. Organization skills and planning

From planning the cost of travel to having extra pairs of socks, there is so much to keep track of and even more to discover. Although we have all had that trusty neighbor with extra sunscreen or maybe a spare canopy, there’s nothing like walking into a new adventure feeling confident in any situation that comes your way. Practicing these skills in both the festival world and the real world can help create sturdy building blocks for achieving your highest self.  


2. Getting out of your comfort zone, learning new things

The comfort zone is an intriguing place. Its convenient, cozy and easy. But as many of us have experienced, complacency can be bad. By stunting our growth in comfortability, it’s easy to become apathetic, less creative and unappreciative. Festivals create a safe space to learn things you may have never encountered or even known existed. Workshops, generous teachers and new friends come from an array of backgrounds generate an opportunity to knock walls down and approach life with new eyes.


3. Freedom of expression

Festivals give us a precious chance to be whoever we feel like that day. From butterfly beings to the simple tee rocker, the reinvented victorian queens to the reincarnation of sacred phoenix, these gatherings have preserved the practice of freedom of expression. Feeling comfortable in your own skin without prosecution or judgement can be a liberating breath of fresh air. Unique expression encourages individuals find their true path.


4. Self reflection, ability to explore your true self

Freedom of expression ties into self-reflection quite intimately. Before the quest can commence in the external world, the inner exploration of self must take place. The human mind is a wild labyrinth. Unfortunately, we are beginning to see a lot of mental health issues reaching the surface of our society as a whole. Depression and anxiety are becoming daily battles for a majority of people on this planet. Self-reflecting and the ability to share these thoughts with others without judgement has personally led to moments of clarity.


5. Giving back, sharing

Gifts! How great does it feel when you receive an unexpected gift? It’s like a light was shone upon your life and there is hope in the universe! Sharing is a basic form of showing compassion. Generosity is a simple beautiful way to bring positivity in others and yourself. It can create a moment of appreciating the treasures that cannot be bought or sold. Appreciation is a key catalyst in self-development.


6. Feeling of belonging, feeling supported

As much as some of us would not like to admit, fitting into a collective of other humans feels good. When we find these people, soul sisters, brothers from other mothers, the bonds formed and experiences shared encourage us to be better versions of ourselves. When we feel supported and appreciated, the desire to contribute and connect grows. Festivals nurture these relationships. Some people may be fleeting and other permanent but as we relate and open up, we can see those glimmering reflections of the person we want to be.


7. Therapeutic activities such as meditation, yoga, art, etc.

A lot of gatherings have introducing other forms of therapy rather than music. Organizers are facilitating spaces for meditation, yoga, art classes, an array of workshops, massages and so many more that I wish I could include. Let’s face it, some of these festivals are getting a reputation for being self-indulging, careless parties but passionate creators are combating that stigma. Join the pursuit of making festivals participator rather than just a spectacle.


8. Taking care of your body

Hydration and nourishment can be quickly overlooked. Heatstroke and dehydration among other issues can be avoided by simply listening to your body. It’s easy to forget to eat and drink water when excited about the next adventure but you won’t get too far. Good habits when it comes to diet and exercise will help extend the time you have to keep exploring. (We recommend getting a hydration pack so you can stay safe and carry all your belongings.)


9. Approaching others with an open-mind, empathy

The non-judgement zone inspired at festivals will not only leave you feeling confident in being yourself but it also nurtures open-mindedness when approaching people and situations. The ability to empathize opens gates to understanding and compassion.


10. Appreciating the little things

The little things are always there. Some days it’s easier to spot them than others. Sometimes it shows up in the form of a symbol that represents a loved one. Other times it’s running into a doppelgänger. Whatever seemingly insignificant occurrences happen, they are perfect indicators of the love that this Earth has for you. Programming your brain to find these little glimmering moments can help develop a more positive outlook on the world around us. There are crazy, grotesque truths about our world and some days it takes just a little light to feel hopeful about the days ahead.


As we explore this Earth, self-development becomes key in living a successful life. iEDM is here for all your needs surrounds music, information and apparel. Visit our Festival Season Collection HERE for your next event.


For all things music and festivals visit iEDM Radio and our blog at iEDM On Blast

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