Top 6 Outfit Styles You See At An EDM Festival

| June 14, 2016

When you enter an EDM festival, wearing anything now goes. This is a festival and a place to let your freak flag fly high. There's so many different outfit styles to cover, this list only barely scratches the surface. Here are some of the the fun styles to check out!  

6. Rave Bunnies 

The classic look. We're talking about the first image that comes to mind when thinking about a rave. Multi colored furry boots paired in unison with a crop top of sorts and neon everywhere. Fluffies, as they're called are a basic necessity for acquiring the Rave Bunny look. 


5. Kandi Krew


Throughout a festival you're going to see all sorts of people wearing Kandi on their arms with various types of meanings and messages on them. Kandi is a fun way to share love and trade a gift with new festy friends you meet.

But what really sets apart this outfit style is the lengths people will go wearing all sorts of Kandi: there are masks, sleeves, necklaces, and just about any accessory you can think of. 


4. The Light Show 


A cool outfit style at festivals is what iEDM has dubbed "the light show," no not the actual lights that are coming from the main stage, but the style people like to wear by attaching lights of all kinds around themselves. In the daytime they wander unnoticed until the night, waiting for their time to shine with a dazzling array of colors. From LED shoes, to LED light sabers, you're going to want something that glows your favorite color while walking around a festival.


3. Boho Chic 


These outfits are coming straight out of the Summer of Love. As if you were just transported back to the Human Be-in with Lennon telling you to give peace a chance. The style can be done up through trippy crop tops and long flowing pieces of dress. 


2 Onesies & Rompers 

An outfit that is all or nothing has been prepared and prepped to be made completely one. Some of these outfits include the famous rompers or onesies for guys. This outfit takes commitment and a keen sense of style. It isn't only fashionable but comfortable as hell too!


1. Far Out Fellas

These guys are going to be the life force of the fest, packed with philosophical thoughts made incarnate through all kinds of trippy t-shirts, shorts and everything else in between. From Fear and Loathing shorts to Gratefully Dyed shirts of all kinds, iEDM has got you covered.  


Check out even more of our collection on iEDM and see what type of outfit style you can create for yourself, maybe it'll even catch on and become an iEDM style in its own right. 


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