EDM Babes: 10 Sexiest Rave Outfits of 2015

| July 11, 2015

Rave fashion opens up so many fun ways to look sexy. With so many different rave outfits in various styles and designs, there is definitely a perfect outfit to show off your summer bod while allowing you to be comfortable somewhere out there.

That’s where iEDM On Blast! comes in to help.

We are officially entering both the dog days of summer and the heart of festival season, and so you’re probably real busy planning out your flights or road trips to get to your favorite festivals. Because we love you so much and you’re preoccupied, we at are gonna help you sift through the impressive selection of this season's hottest rave outfits. Take a look at our go-to guide for turning heads while you spread some vibes:

EDM Babes: 10 Sexiest Rave Outfits of 2015

10. After Midnight Body Suit


This cleverly cut cosmic one piece is eye candy in its own right. Its creative cut and vibrant design turns your body into the canvas for a David Bowie album cover. Give your body some freedom and party until after midnight with the After Midnight body suit.


9. Neon Daisy Black Tricot Romper and Tube Top

Neon Daisy Black Tricot Romper and Tube Top

Pay homage to the ancestral flower children before you, who like you passed the vibes and lived PLUR lifestyles, with the Neon Daisy Black Tricot Romper and Tube Top. It’s trimmed with every color of the rainbow to match your floral top, so no extra coordination is necessary. With so many components and at such a great price, the Romper/Tube Top combo still wouldn’t be complete without its attached hood for popping up when the beat finally drops and you’re ready to go into rage mode.


8. Spaced Out Blue Galaxy Romper & Tube Top

Spaced Out Blue Galaxy Romper & Tube Top

This sleek and sexy rave outfit is perhaps the coolest of all rave outfits. Its designs conjures the intense elements of the outskirts of the galaxy, allowing you to truly look out of this world. Put this on and try not feel like the sexiest superhero in the universe, I dare you!


7. Red Galactic Foil Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set

Red Galactic Foil Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set

I see your Britney Spears Oops! I Did It Again Outfit and I raise you the Red Galactic Foil Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set. This rave outfit harkens back to the pop star’s classic music video outfit, but takes it to the next level and perfect for any EDM show. Plus, what’s better than looking like a sexy martian?


6. After Party Bodysuit


This one-piece bodysuit turns your body into a Jackson Pollock painting. Colorful splatter designs make this perfect for paint parties, since you’ll arrive in style. Nothing is better than an attractive bodysuit that also proves you’re well prepared! Show a little (or a lot of) leg and bask in the glory of your favorite festivals with the After Party Bodysuit.


5. Tribal Sweetheart Circle Skirt


This smart little skirt not only looks great on the dance floor, but also is passable for everyday streetwear if you’re looking to conform. Its cool colorful pattern looks like a psychedelic highway. I wanna pack my bags and drive on that highway and into the horizon.


4. Hot Pink/Block Dot Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set

Hot Pink/Black Dot Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set

This dainty dotted rave outfit will make you look as hot as the pink its coated in. The dots aren’t for connecting, but you’re bound to make connections with the people who approach you while wearing the sexy Hot Pink/Black Dot Tube Top and Suspender Bottom Set. Possible side effects include getting the Pink Panther theme stuck in your head.


3. Purple Haze Halter Top and Short

Purple Haze Halter Top And Shorts

Scandalous? Definitely. Sexy? Undoubtedly. You and your conveniently placed purple friend will be on everyone’s minds long after festival season is over if you sport the Purple Haze Halter Top and Shorts combination. Show off all your access and have a stoney cartoon serve as your gatekeeper all while dancing at the hottest EDM festivals this season has to offer. This is by far the most awesomely “out there” outfit for any EDM babe.


2. V Front Vest & Star Back Panty

V Front Vest

Independence Day may have come and gone, but I’ll be damned if that is a passable excuse to not rep Old Glory - our nation’s flag - all year round. It is ranked high here among the ranks of 2015’s Sexiest Rave Outfits, but any American Flag Rave Outfit is bound to be timeless. Combine the V Front Vest with the Star Back Panty (because the only thing better than an American Flag is the American Flag with a cute little bow) to be the sexiest patriot out there.


1. Black Unicorn Crop Top

Black Unicorn Crop Top


How could this not be ranked the sexiest rave outfit of the year? A revealing bottom, yes, however a magical unicorn lets everyone know that you're still a lady. Be the queen of the galaxy by commanding every unicorn on your body by making them dance on the dance floor all festival season season long. 

There you have it, or Sexiest Rave Outfits of 2015! 

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