Not Just For Babies: 10 Must Have Adult Onesies

| July 20, 2015

Oh, Onesies. When I was just a little baby you kept me warm and snug through long winter’s naps. Though time has passed us by, we have met again in the form of rave apparel. It seems like an unlikely pairing at first sight, but the judgement free zone of a rave is actually the perfect place to make our old favorite fashion statement of a onesie, a new rave fashion statement. 

Since the originals that we wore in our youth are far too small nowadays, allow us here at to guide you through the wacky world of grown up onesies. Take your childhood with you into adulthood and step your rave apparel game up in one swoop by checking out our newest guide...

Not Just For Babies: 10 Must Have Adult Onesies:


1. Pastel Nebula Hooded Jumpsuit

Pastel Nebula Hooded Jumpsuit

Why be a Guardian of the Galaxy when you could just be the galaxy? The Pastel Nebula Hooded Jumpsuit makes such a feat possible. With all the colors of endless space blending together into a pastel party, you’ll be a sight for sore eyes at every festival you go to this year. Zip this baby all the way up and disappear into the infinite abyss.


2. Cat Vortex Belovesie

Cat Vortex Belovesie

I wish we lived in a world you could wear this galactic cat onesie and it could serve as camouflage. Alas, we are not that lucky. Instead we have to settle for rocking the Cat Vortex Belovesie onesie simply serving as a window into a more amazing cat dominated world. This all over print onesie will melt the faces of everyone on the dance floor with its groovy lasers. Be like the cat on the onesie and jump into action and pick up this bad boy.


3. Nebula Belovesie

Nebula Belovesie

We know that you love rave apparel, but this onesie will prove that you love it with the power of combustive galaxies and red suns. Make every beat drop a big bang by wearing this celestial onesie to your next rave, and prepare for an EDM experience that is out of this world.


4. Fierce Tiger Jumpsuit

Fierce Tiger Jumpsuit

The rave is your jungle, and you shall rule it with a sharp tooth. Only by sporting the Fierce Tiger Jumpsuit, will you be capable of such a majestic transformation. By wearing your stripes proudly, you’ll make all the EDM babes purr this festival season.

Added Bonus: If you run at people, they’ll move in fear.


5. Gummy Bears Hooded Jumpsuit

Gummy Bears Hooded Jumpsuit

How sweet life can be, living at the height of luxury with such eye candy for rave apparel. There will not be anyone looking as delicious as you at any festival this year if you’re wearing the Gummy Bears Hooded Jumpsuit. My mouth is watering just looking at it now, imagine how they’ll drool over you in real life.


6. Donut Stack Jumpsuit

Donut Stack Jumpsuit

Not to be outdone by gummy bears, the Donut Stack Jumpsuit takes you to a transcendental dessert world upon sight. Channel your inner glutton and make everyone you see hungry by putting on this adult onesie. Its vibrant coloring makes it fit in among other rave apparel, but its stunning frosted photography is what makes it Homer Simpson's dream come true. 


7. Cat Collage Jumpsuit

Cat Collage Jumpsuit

What's better than a cat onesie? An infinite cat onesie. Get lost forever into the piercing eyes belonging to what feels like a never ending array of kitties of all kinds. One slip into the Cat Collage Jumpsuit allows you to party like you have nine lives all night long. How's that for must have rave apparel


8. Gotta Catch 'Em All Jumpsuit

Nothing marries the worlds of rave fashion and childhood like a Pokemon Onesie. That's what makes the Gotta Catch 'Em All Jumpsuit an absolute must have for any EDM fan who is also a fan of the old anime or video game. Become the Pokemon within by stuffing yourself into this cozy Pokeball and hitting the dance floor. 


9.  Astronaut Pals Belovesie

Astronaut Pals Belovesie

Just like onesies are an unlikely pair with rave apparel that defies all odds, somehow working out just right, this onesie comes with an unlikely pair of its own. Unlikey Pair Inception! These astronauts - one Panda and one kitten - never go anywhere without one another. Take their cue and don't go anywhere without this awesome onesie from Beloved.


10. Pizza Hooded Jumpsuit 

Pizza Hooded Jumpsuit

Pizza. Thank the Lord for Pizza. On this list we've seen feasts for the eyes in the form of celestial highways. We've seen delectable donuts and mouth watering gummy bears. Nothing comes close to just how irresistible a pizza onesie is. Allow me to introduce you to the Pizza Hooded Jumpsuit: half onesie, half rave apparel, and 100% pizza. I'd write more about it, but I'm getting distracted and am gonna order a pie for myself. 


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