10 Best EDM Clubs in the World

| August 09, 2015

Even though festival season is in full effect and ravers are looking to the outdoors to get their kicks, there are still EDM clubs all around the globe that house amazing acts and patrons alike year-round.  

So wash your favorite rave clothes you wore to festivals like TomorrowLand and EDC: Vegas and get ready to go for a tour of the 10 Best EDM Clubs in the World.


1. Berghain

Berlin, Germany

This dark industrial web of floors, halls and nooks has something to discover in every corner. From the history of the venue’s roots as an abandoned power station to the turbine, beer garden and upper bar that welcome thousands of fans.  Simultaneous acts bring the best to Berlin and we suggest you follow suit. Though the club is notoriously exclusive, the experience is well worth the wait.

2.Club Space

Miami, Florida - United States

At Club Space 2AM on a Saturday and 11AM on a Wednesday can look very similar.  Why?  Because Club Space has a 24 hour operating licence.  I know licensing isn’t generally the most exciting part of a rave, but in this case it means “non-stop party allowed.” So, it’s cool with us.

Club Space is bringing in topline DJs including Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish, Paul Van Dyk, and John Digweed for 10-hour sets that continue into the afternoon.  Oh, and have I even mentioned full alcohol service?  Take a peek inside.


3. Ministry of Sound

London, England  

The music at the Ministry of Sound is so professional that they record acts on the spot.  Witness pro-performers making world-class music amongst thousands of fans.  The club turned record label has released hits that topped UK charts all while hosting over 300,000 guests annually in their venue dedicated to state of the art sound.

Check out live streamed shows here, or listen on demand through the Ministry of Sound’s services, making EDM globally accessible to fans everywhere.


4. Zouk


Zouk goes above and beyond, with four modern clubs that guests can traverse throughout the night for unique music, mood, and art.  Each club brings an experimental, innovative, and elegant, edge to diverse aspects of EDM.  

Ramp up among 1,500 fans in Zouk with the pulsing multi-level dance floor, venture into Phuture to get-down amongst commissioned artworks from the Italian architect, designer, and artist Massimo Losoa-Ghini, dance til dawn in the intimate Velvet Underground- Dance or Lounge or treat yourself to a luxury lounge experience just next door in Wine Bar.  Meet every urge in one place- it’s almost too good to be true, but Zouk is making it happen.


Tokyo, Japan

Recently celebrating their 15th anniversary, WOMB is at the heart of Tokyo’s EDM scene.  WOMB is a continually evolving venue bringing in new talent and exploring new territory in sound and light constantly. This three-floor club has shows nearly every day of the year along with artist residencies that are contributing big new talent to Asian EDM.

6.Space Ibiza


Opened in Spain in 1989, Space Ibiza has become a global EDM presence bringing world-class music and events to countries across the globe.  With two new openings planned in Dubai and Brazil, Space Ibiza is truly a leader in EDM clubs.  Their original location in Spain is an EDM mecca responsible for some of the world’s most popular festivals, series’, and artists.  


7. People by Crystal

United Arab Emirates

You thought Vegas was lavish? In the ultimate city of luxury, Dubai, People by Crystal is still a stand out hit. The glass architecture is mesmerizing amongst the world-class displays, drinks, and of course, music. People by Crystal hosts some of the biggest names in the world and constantly leaves audiences in awe of their inclusive, intimate, and yet exorbitantly chic events.


8. Beta

Denver, Colorado - United States

Beta was born out of a dedication to immersive experiences in EDM and has since grown into an environmentally-conscious hotspot that plunges guests into a full-sensory explosion. This club’s dedication to going green is only outweighed by their commitment to bringing big names and mind-bending experiences to Denver, CO every week.  

Beta changes the entire club’s sound, lighting, and ambiance each night to inspire a 360-degree sentience unique to each performance. The club has been creating these masterpieces weekly since 1997 and with nearly two decades of experience behind them, they are confidently expanding to support the environment and their global audience.


9. Octagon Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

Every weekend Club Octagon presents international artists on their main stage which welcomes tens of thousands of annual fans to the feel-good fests.  The club’s music and mood resonate with international audiences who love this location for its innovative acts and ambiance.


10. Light

Las Vegas, Nevada - United States

Las Vegas is filled with fantastical festivals, but Light is putting on world-class shows weekly for thousands of fans looking to experience EDM live.  With acts from around the world and top technical skills, this venue is a high point for US EDM clubs.  The Light is not to be missed while experiencing EDM in the USA.


Did we leave any of your favorites out? Let us know your favorite club by tweeting us @iEDMOfficial


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