50 Shades of Shades: The Sickest Sunglasses to Enhance Your Experience

| August 11, 2015

The sun is out and we are all busy enjoying the awesome 2015 Festival Season. One of the best things about this time of year is that the EDM family gets to go outdoors and enjoy the world around us while we rave. That’s why diffraction glasses are an absolute must have!

And why stop there? We don’t. Here at iEDM, our eyewear goes beyond a stacked selection of diffraction glasses. There are plenty of options among a myriad of shades that bring new layers of awesomeness to everything you see.  What better way is there to enhance your experience taking in nature and the sky above at festivals like Tomorrowworld than seeing it all in vivid color? There simply isn’t one. And that’s why iEDM has the responsibility of delivering to you 50 Shades of Shades: The Sickest Sunglasses to Enhance Your Experience.

Scroll along and get enlightened. 


10. Black Kaleidoscope Glasses – Rainbow Bug Eye – Flat Back

Turn your windows to the world into two golden disco balls with these Black Kaleidoscope Glasses with the Rainbow Bug Eye lenses from GloFX. Take buggin' out to the next level and look fly while literally looking like a fly and pick these up ASAP. With your lenses made of real glass crystals, you'll truly be able to see the world crystal clear for the first time.


9. Tribal 3D Kaleidoscope Glasses- Sapphire & Magenta

The formatting of its glass crystals and its diversity of color on this pair of sunglasses makes it give whoever is cool enough to sport them an incomparable 3D experience. Its got the sapphire and magenta lenses like the retro 3D glasses you'd see at the movie theater, but its chic round frames and tribal pattern keep it current and super stylish. 



8. Black Flip Spiral Double Vizions

The Black Flip Double Vizions go twice as hard as your typical diffraction glasses, with two patterns - one for each lens. All while staying totally hipster chic. Need a break? This pair of rave glasses gives you the option to flip your lenses up and down to give your personal show its own intermission. 



7. Pink Flip Double Vizion 

Like its fellow flip vision brethren seen above, this pair of Double Vizion glasses pops with pink, a more summery color for your diffraction glasses this festival season. Enjoy its tribal sunburst diffraction pattern and get lost in the light.



6. Spiral Diffraction Goggles

Whether you want to channel your inner Becky Lynch or your inner HG Wells, either way the Spiral Diffraction Goggles have got you covered. The gothic, chunky lenses cancel out all peripheral vision and leave you to let all you see be filtered through its spiral diffraction. Steampunk is in right now, so get these goggles while they're around. 



5. Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses- Magenta

These eye-popping lenses match perfectly with its white translucent framing. Put them over your ears and your eyes suddenly look like two sapphire stones sitting atop two polar ice caps. Open your eyes and prepare to see the world more vibrantly than you ever thought possible. 



4. Dropshades Sound Reactive LED Glasses



When it comes to accessories that can also entertain the crowd, nothing is a bigger hit than LED rave clothing. That's why this list simply has to include these sound reactive LED shades. That's right, these babies react to the world around them, so the louder the track is the crazier your facial light show gets. Lightweight with no batteries, if these run out of juice simply charge them with a USB cord! 



3. Customizable Kaleidoscope Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

You'll never have to explain why you wear your sunglasses at night ever again when you rock the Customizable Kaleidoscope Luminescence Diffraction Glasses. Create the coolest diffraction glasses, tailor made just for you with options of lens type, wire type and inverter type. 




2. Customizable Flat Top Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

These flat top light up shades are just as customizable as the kaleidoscope pair listed above and sports an 80's badass look. Channel your inner Marty McFly and then tap into your Tron motherboard and you'll be craving for these groovy shades. 


1. Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles

Of course we had to end our list of sick sunglasses with the one pair that encompasses all of our styles into one. Get a little steampunk vibe going with these goggles, while also sporting some trippy kaleidoscope diffraction lenses. Live in the best of both worlds, while making the actual world around you sparkle with frenetic color.

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