Stay on "Top" of Festival Fashion

| July 08, 2016

When you’re heading to a show or a festival, all rules are out the window. This is the chance to let your freak flag fly high (try saying that 5 times fast.) You want your outfit to be comfortable for long hours of dancing, but you always want to stand out.  Here are 5 essential tops that your friends will wish they had.

1. Astronaut Pals

Cats are essentially the world’s greatest animals, with pandas coming behind in a close second place. If you don’t own a cat, you should. What’s better than the two coolest animals on one shirt? The two coolest animals in space suits hanging out in outer space. This top is out of this world. You’ll instantly feel cooler once you put this on and rock out to your favorite DJ.

2. Donut Stack

Doughnuts, like festivals, were put on this earth to make us happier people. Their deliciousness displayed on a shirt will have people instantly drawn to you and all their frosty goodness. Warning: Side effects may include the sudden urge to eat 25 doughnuts and cannot be held responsible for immense doughnut consumption resulting in wearing this shirt.

3. Firework Tank


By the time 4th of July comes around you’ve probably had your fair share of fireworks. As festival goers, we see fireworks multiple times throughout the year. However, that doesn’t stop people from staring in amazement every time they go up, as if they’ve never seen it before. If you’re one of those people that has such a love for fireworks, this is the shirt for you.

4. Galaxy Hoodie 


Even we get cold sometimes, making hoodies an essential. There’s really nothing about this sweatshirt that isn’t awesome. Wear this sweatshirt to a festival, to the supermarket, to work, and watch the compliments pour in. Since it’s unisex it’s even more perfect since you can convince your boyfriend to buy it and then “borrow” it from him.

5. Sour Watermelon's


If you don’t like sour candies, we can’t be friends. Whether you need a boost of energy, or are craving the greatest candy of all time, this shirt will have people drawn to you. Connect with a fellow sour candy lover while you represent your love of all things candy.


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