iEDM Exclusive Interview with Gregor Salto

iEDM Exclusive Interview with Gregor Salto
| November 04, 2015

I've always been interested in bringing different styles of music together. Of course I like to work with dance music DJs / producers, but sometimes it's just more inspiring to work with people that have totally different views and ideas.” said by DJ and producer, Gregor Salto.

Over the past decade, Dutch DJ and producer Gregor Salto has been dominating the club scene with his original sound. Mr. Salto is not afraid to expand his horizon - he successfully started working with other artists. He’s known for delivering mind-blowing remixes from pop stars such as J-­‐Lo, Rita Ora, Skunk Anansie, India Arie and George Micheal and djs like Nicky Romero, Axwell, Bob Sinclar and Roger Sanchez.

In 2004, Salto released Can’t Stop Playing - a catchy house tune that would put him on the dance music charts. This marked the beginning of an ongoing roller coaster ride through the Dutch club scene. Out of all of his accomplishments, this was his best work.

“I guess that would be ‘Can't stop playing’ it became a top 10 hit twice: first in Holland and Belgium in 2005, then again this year in the UK – peaking at #4 in the UK Singles Charts.”

Gregor Salto established himself as a leading artist in the Dutch music world with his distinctive mix of tropical, latin and soulful grooves, set to a solid base of house and electro. In this interview, iEDM explores the roots of how he first started, techniques and new music.

Gregor Salto

Gregor explains the story and history of his new song with Wiwek - Miami.

Wiwek and I started working together like 2 years ago. His label Rimbu is being managed by our Dutch label company Dadadam. Our first single was 'Intimi', followed up by 'On Your Mark’. We both like drums and we have a good synergy in the studio so we just get together every now and then and on 1 of these days we did 'Miami'. It was just before the Ultra week in Miami and we just wanted to have an exclusive tool for our sets. Something that would sound different from most EDM, yet still banging and with our signature 'tropical' swing to it.” 

For Gregor Salto, it was very hard for him to say exactly what his favorite collaboration was since he's worked with a slew of artists over his DJ career. “It’s hard to say! Most of my songs are collaborations and I have good memories from all of them. If I have to pick one: Gregor Salto feat Chappell – ‘Your Friend’ (I produced this with my friend Florian T and Patrick's vocal really did magic. This song became an anthem in South Africa and when we performed it there we almost felt like the Beatles.”

Many people I've worked with are not at all interested in the dance scene. Camiel, Magda Mendes, Junior, Gerardo Rosales: all very talented musicians outside of this industry. I've always been interested in bringing different styles of music together. Of course I like to work with dance music DJs / producers, but sometimes it's just more inspiring to work with people that have totally different views and ideas.” He explains when we asked him if there is anyone that he would like to collaborate with outside the dance music industry.

Gregor Salto

There are many different kinds of music that shaped and influenced Gregor Salto into what he is today. “House music from the 90s. Todd Terry, Masters at Work, Armand van Helden. Labels like Fresh Fruit, Strictly and Outland records. But also soul, Latin and jazz from the 50s till then.”

What is on the horizon for Gregor Salto you may ask? Between new music, remixes, and plans for his G-REX Music imprint there is simply no stopping this Dutch superstar. 

Many more tunes coming up soon! Next release called 'Just Yeah', a bit of a future/tech/bass/ minimal house track will be out on Spinnin’ Deep soon + there's also a new one with my buddy Wiwek coming soon!  Fire!. I just finished remixing the new Major Lazer single. Coming up with some more tracks. I'm quite picky for G-REX, so that makes it a bit hard to have a frequent release schedule sometimes.”

Gregor Salto has some advice for aspiring and up rising artists of today: “Work hard, non-stop. Don't do this for money or fame. If you're not in it for the music, well… don't bet on success. Make sure you have a plan B (like a degree) in case you don't become the next star. Don't try to copy what's already out there: create new stuff, that's what people really wanna hear.” He still supports underground DJs like Funkin Matt.


What is your current top 10 you are spinning? 

Gregor Salto & Wiwek – ‘Miami’ 


Martin Solveig ft. Sam White – ‘+1’


Disclosure – ‘Bang That’


Rescue – ‘Here And Now’


Chocolate Puma – ‘I Could Be Wrong’


Disclosure ft. Gregory Porter – ‘Holding On’


Pep & Rash – ‘Red Roses’ 


Hardrive – ‘Deep Inside’ (Low Steppa Remix)


Kryder ft. Cajmere – ‘Percolator’


Leroy Styles & SJRM – ‘Karussel’ 


Gregor Salto is a talented artist with a keen, original sound. With songs like Just Yeah with Mitchell Niemeyer, On Your Mark with Wiwek (G-Rex Music), What Happens in Vegas (CR2 Records), there is no stopping him. Who knows, maybe we will see Gregor Salto still producing music into the next decade.


Connect with Gregor Salto:  Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Website

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