Adam Cola Gets You "Dancin'" In An iEDM Interview

| July 25, 2018

Are you ready for the perfect summer track? Break out your favorite pair of booty shorts and get moving, 'cause Adam Cola released the music video for "Dancin'" and it's one of our absolute favorites this festival season.

The Los Angeles-based entertainer collaborated with DJ and producer Anthony Pisano on the song, and the end result is a party anthem that is crammed with nonstop sex appeal for days.  

The rising and uncompromising songwriter took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with iEDM to discuss his latest music, and a couple of unexpected dance moves he has in his arsenal. 



iEDM: Thanks for taking the time to talk with iEDM, Adam! We were watching the video for "Dancin'" earlier this week. It was very sexy--we absolutely loved it. I'll get to the album in a little bit, but as far as this song goes; what does it mean to you? I think people can pick at a few of the lyrics. It's very fun and upbeat. I also think that there's a little something more going on. Can you elaborate on that?

Adam: Always. "Dancin'" is a very unique experience. Dancing, in general, is a very unique experience to each and every person that's doing it. Even though we are all together usually, I feel like dancing is something that is unique to you, and never the same between two people. My version of dancing isn't going to be your version of dancing. That's my approach to my music. I want to keep it universal and relatable. 

iEDM: For sure, I think everyone can get into the song. Quick fun note--I was actually a tap dancer for 15 years.

Adam: You were? I can tap!

iEDM: Are you serious? Uh oh, we might do a triple-time step in a hot second.

Adam: Yes!

iEDM: I would have worn my tap shoes. For real. How did you pick that up?

Adam: I went to a performing arts school in LA and I took tap for two years.

iEDM: Holy. What was the most difficult step for you?

Adam: I liked was my favorite. It was ballet and jazz that was more challenging for me. I trained across the board, and had really good teachers.

iEDM: It seems to me that you had an indication early on in life that being a performer was going to be your chosen career. When did that occur to you? For hardcore dancers: they know their lane and stick to it Entering this realm is very different. When did you have that "a-ha" moment?

Adam: Right before I moved to LA, I had that "a-ha" moment.

iEDM: I know that you lived in Canada originally.

Adam: I was out in Canada, and I was always dancing, since I was six. I could pick up choreography very quickly. No one pushed me into it. I pushed myself into it. I had a natural knack for it. I was a really shy kid. When I would dance, I wouldn't be shy anymore. I would stand out and get noticed. Before going to LA, it came to me that this is something that I always wanted to really, really do. I knew I always wanted to, but never thought I could. I went to myself, "If anyone could do this, I could." 

iEDM: It takes a lot to make that transition. How old were you when you made the big move?

Adam: I was 21. It was a very pivotal moment. That's kind of when you want to make your decision as to where you want to go. I was going to business school, and I am happy with what I learned there. There was just so much more that I had to offer. I don't sell myself short. Nobody should. 

iEDM: That's awesome. Respect. Honesty is another issue that I want to talk about. I read a couple of interviews of yours and I think the theme of honesty is a reoccurring message that you put out there. A lot of people mask their true thoughts with different lyrics that don't really mean anything to them. For you, why is it important for you to remain true to who you are?

Adam: I believe that in order for you to truly live your best life, you have to be true to who you are. I sympathize with people who don't have the courage to do so. It stifles your growth. You feel like you have to play a certain role for other people. You're not living your life if you aren't living for yourself. That's why I put out my music for the world. I wanted to break free--I was at a really dark point. Usually out of darkness, great things come out of it. That's what happened with me. I was at the darkest point in my life, and now I am here. I started to live again. I understand what it is like to be insecure. It's very personal to me, then again, it's relatable.

iEDM: That is a great message for people who are struggling right now. Not everyone is at that point. 

Adam: I was very insecure and guarded for a little bit. I totally sympathize with people, and I jut want to be there and show them that they can be themselves, and people will like them more for it.

iEDM: I know that whole process all too well. I know that you were recently featured on a compilation for GLSEN x Heard Well. That is pretty awesome. The Pride festivities were huge in New York City a couple of weeks ago. It was a gathering of beautiful people, with lots of festival gear on display. Everyone was dressed up and looked great. Why did you want to be featured on the compilation? I think it's really nice that you are supporting kids who are really coming into their own, and fighting against adversity.

Adam: I went through the same struggle as a kid, too. Even though I had a really good group of friends around me, I realized not everyone has that. I went through that before I even knew what my sexuality was. Bullies would call me gay and try to box me into a category because it's an easy thing to do. I wanted to be a big part in something that promoted people's diversity, while also embracing what makes people different. Again, it aligns with my mantra: being yourself is going to make the whole world better.

iEDM: That's the beauty of it. People need to be more open, and accepting of those around them. If you are stuck in the same kind of bubble, what are you really getting out of life?

Adam: I was stuck in a bubble, too. I didn't have so much aggression towards it.

iEDM: You are a leader in that respect. I know that a new album will be released in the summer. I was also reading that you recorded a lot of different tracks for it. You picked out 12 in particular. How did that selection process happen?

Adam: I would do a run of intensive sessions and pick from that. We would keep doing it, again and again. From there, we narrowed it down. There's always a couple that slip through the cracks, but you gotta go with it and make a decision. You can always come back to them later on!

iEDM: Of course! That's what they are there for  As we wrap up, what can people expect from you over the next few weeks?

Adam: People can look forward to seeing me perform. I'm going to be performing in LA. I like that I am starting in a club venues. My music is very club friendly--that's the kind of music I gravitate to as well. People can see me live performing in a very energetic atmosphere. It's going to be very dance heavy. It's going to be very sexy, haha. It's going to be a no-holds-barred type if show. The show will be on July 26 at TigerHeat. That's at the Avalon Hollywood, around the corner from my old school. I want people to be happy, and be at peace with themselves.

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Be sure to catch Adam at TigerHeat on July 26! You can follow Adam Cola on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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