Backwoods Camping & Music Festival 2016 Preview

Backwoods Camping & Music Festival 2016 Preview
| August 10, 2016

Deep in the woods of Oklahoma is a mystical little 3-day utopia where you can find the finest indie, jam, and electronic music. We're talking about a little festival called Backwoods.

A little history

Originally starting off as a gathering of local talent, Backwoods has prided themselves in creating an intimate, engaging, and unforgettable atmosphere that has made free-spirits all over the country travel to a hidden forest in Oklahoma.

Backwoods will take you on a magical and spiritual journey, as you wake up in your cozy tent as the sun rises, dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning, and will awaken your soul with their countless activities, workshops, and interactive experiences.

Something for everyone

Backwoods is all about putting love and care into the festival in order to make sure that festival goers have the most life changing experience of their lives.

Find your inner balance with the yoga and mediation classes, let your inner wild-child loose with the slip n' slide, hide away in a tree house, hop on to the world's longest conga line, or relax and take in the beauty of the woods in style from your very own helicopter ride.

You will meet like-minded individuals and feel at home just after the first day with your little Backwoods family.

It's festivals like Backwoods that restore our faith in humanity and keep our scene going, because Backwoods is like a secret little sanctuary where you let your spirit free and meet the most incredible people.

Diverse Lineup

But there is nothing little about this artist lineup; with acts including Nero, Big Gigantic, Marian Hill, Chet Porter, Liquid Stranger, Tritonal and more.

This 2016 lineup is one of the most diverse lineups of the year, featuring top-game electronic acts of all sub-genres, as well as indie acts. But wait- there's a twist this year:

New additions for 2016

Backwoods decided to switch things and bring on all new changes for 2016 to make it the best year yet.

They're changing the game when it comes to stage design by the addition of their all new Motherland stage design, which literally will have a huge eye made up of lights hovering over the stage.

They are offering a glamping option (glam + camping = glamping, so now you can camp in style).

There will be more art & lights, more campground maintenance, more water stations and even the opportunity to have a sit-down table cloth dinner with the artists on the lineup.

These are only just a fraction of the various changes that they made this year after listening to what the people wanted, delivering that and exceeding their expectations. You can read the rest of their 2016 improvements here.

So round up your crew, gather up your camping gear, and start making some moves for Backwoods 2016, because it's gonna be an experience that you cannot miss out on this Labor Day Weekend.


Backwoods Camping & Music Festival 2016

September 2nd - 4th, 2016



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