5 Best Rap Collabs in EDM

| November 21, 2016

 Rap & EDM: the two different sounds and styles are surprisingly meant for one another. There has been some major collaborations between the most unlikely of pairing, the result is an incredible sound. The sound is still evolving, as there always seems to be a rap artist starring in some kind of new EDM every day. 

Here are some of the best collaborations we've seen so far. 

5. Steve Aoki & Waka Flacka Flame - Rage The Night Away


On Steve Aoki's Neon Future album, Aoki pulled in Waka Flocka to rap on Rage the Night Away producing a party anthem banger. It was a departure from Aoki's usual style, as he went for more of a trap feel. Waka Flocka's lyrics went well with the track and the intended effect was met without issue. 

4. Bassnectar & Lupe Fiasco - Va Va Voom


Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco made quite the hit with Va Va Voom. It was a surprise to see a rapper like Lupe on the track list, but paired with Bassnectar's signature sound, he managed to capture the essence of both artists seamlessly. 

3. Flume & Vince Mensa - Lose It


Arguably one of the best collaborations came from Flume. His ambient spaced out style doesn't seem like it would fit well for rap, but that certainly wasn't the case. He turned out some incredible collaborations by pairing up with Vic Mensa on Lose It and Frank Staples on Retribution. 

Flume's hit album has one smash song after the next. These two were huge standouts on the album and were equally compelling when seen live. Flume has brought them out at multiple concerts to perform, their time at Lollapalooza was an incredible experience. 

2. Skrillex & A$AP Rocky - Wild For The Night


Skrillex has had numerous hits. He isn't defined by any genre as his sound can perfectly pick up and mix with others. One of his major hits Wild for the Night with A$AP Rocky was the first of its kind exposing hip-hop lovers to some electronic beats.

1. Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini


Skrillex has continued this success of rap collaboration with song after song. His most noteworthy and recent song was with Rick Ross for the Suicide Squad soundtrack album. Purple Lamborghini had a signature Skrillex hard sound on there paired with Rick Ross's rapping. You aren't going to get a much better collab than with Skrillex and Co. 

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