Calling All Space Cadets for Moonrise 2019

| June 06, 2019

Have you ever raved in Baltimore? I have a few times at this crazy two day festival that happens in August. Steez Promo has curated a solid lineup for Moonrise Festival 2019. Moonrise is an EDM summer festival to put on your raver resume if it's not already!

Check out the INSANE lineup here:  

Sure Baltimore seems like a random unlikely place to rave but Moonrise puts on  a great show with its production. The lineup is always stacked with EDM artists across different levels in addition to some rappers. Each year they've upgraded their four stages aesthetically and audibly as well as the grounds overall. It was relaxing sitting on turf rather than the muddy track itself. Since Moonrise is only two days, it makes the festival worth considering every year. 

Pimilico Race Course is where the show happens. Thousands of ravers in their best festival outfits flood the grounds in the form of kandi kids, headbangers, and shufflers just to name a few groups of attendees. Despite weather miscues, the crowds vibe is totally connected. 

Moonrise is a party start to finish. People even camp across the street from the venue - Camprise. I would recommend getting a good night of sleep at a hotel around the city though. Baltimore is full of hotels in and around the city. Hostelling International even has a legit inexpensive spot to crash near downtown if you're feeling adventurous. 

Moonrise Festival can be a fun affordable trip because it is only Saturday and Sunday. The festival is a bass paradise sprinkled with house music at Celestial Garden and a side of rap. The lineup features a mix to please everyone! ,

Tickets are affordable and even VIP is worth purchasing. If you like EDM and haven't been to Moonrise yet, what are you waiting for? 2019 should be the year. Check out Moonrise Festival!

PS: We're still waiting for another phase release and pre/after parties plans!

Get your Moonrise Festival tickets HERE.


August will be here before you know it. Don't slip on another year of Moonrise. Revamp your festival safety with our iEDM list HERE.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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His first music festival was Counterpoint 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. He prefers diverse music festival lineups. With a compiling keychain of festival wristbands, he experiences at least one new music festival a year. His nomadic ways have brought him many friends and opportunities along his journey.

He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Bassnectar, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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