10 Burning Man Outfits Perfect For La Playa

| August 04, 2017

Every year a temporary city is erected in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. For one week, Black Rock City stands in the desert as an experiment in community cooperation and artistic expression. Community participation is the key to the success of Burning Man. Everyone contributes unique artistic talents for the enjoyment and fulfillment of others around them. In this way, Burning Man is a community-driven and community-centric event. 

Many festival-goers around the country applaud Black Rock City as an entity, and the artistic expression and abundance of creativity that is fostered by the Burning Man community. From sexy rave wear to detailed leather belts to steampunk goggles, Burning Man brings out an eccentric side to festival fashion.

iEDM's Burning Man Collection is filled with your must-have tops, bottoms and everything in-between that will make you a roving art piece unto yourself. Below are the top ten picks for a Burning Man wardrobe. 


1. American Rave Flag Tank Top

Black Rock Desert is hot and when you're spending all your time outdoors with other Burners, creating and appreciating art, you want to make sure that you dress cool. The American Rave Flag Tank Top is a must-have for any event. With a simple monochromatic rave scene displayed through the ubiquitous stars and bars of Old Faithful, this tank top is both creative and practical, allowing you to look and stay cool all Burning Man long. 



2. Hippie Trip Hydration Backpack

Hydration is important no matter where you are, but especially at Burning Man, it is essential to stay hydrated. A hydration backpack is the easiest way to keep your body cool and hydrated without having to leave the crowd to find a water station. The Hippie Trip Hydration Backpack features a fun and playful design that fits into the esoteric and artsy vibe of Burning Man. 



3. Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles

Glow gear is a must at any festival, but you cannot go without the best glow gear at Burning Man. The Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles allow you to illuminate your goggles with the color of your choice, all while giving you intense fractal kaleidoscope visuals. These goggles perform double duty, you'll see some amazing things and look great while doing it. 



4. Interstellar One Blanket

Blankets are always a good thing to bring to festivals, and the Interstellar One Blanket is no exception. With an abstract and colorful splash design that fits right into Burning Man's artistic vibe, you can rest from your night of revelry on a blanket that is a piece of art in of itself. 



5. Barbed Wire Web Back Top

Everyone all want to stay cool at hot festivals like Burning Man, and the Barbed Wire Web Back Top features a strappy back on a comfortable fitting rave top. The metallic accents and straps on the all black top are simple and elegant, and will make you look fierce while keeping you comfortable and cool enough to dance all night long. 



6. Billionaire Beats

Safety during festivals is always important, and whether you're staying hydrated, staying cool, or taking breaks, it is essential to take care of yourself. Sun protection is one of the less-talked about (but still important) safety measures to take. The Billionaire Beats keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays but keep you looking hot with the cool yellow lenses. 



7. Canine Tank Top

The Canine Tank Top combines art, color and design into one unforgettable tank top. Featuring an artistic canine on the front of the top with splashes of color all around, the Canine Tank Top will turn heads when you walk by. Keep it cool, a little scary, and completely unique with this tank top. 



8. Acid Pikachu Shirt


The Acid Pikachu design never fails to please, and how could it? Between the bright colors, the ubiquitous Pikachu and the slightly psychedelic vibes, this shirt is a staple for any raver. A guaranteed conversation starter and a fun statement piece, this Pokemon shirt will get you compliments from everyone you meet. 



9. Dreamstate Weekend Shorts

These trippy shorts are perfect for Burning Man. Between the sacred geometry design, the monochromatic colors or the intricate detail, these shorts are a must-have. In addition to looking cool, these shorts will keep you cool with their comfortable cut and fit. 



10. Astronaut Pals Crop Top

Burning Man wouldn't be complete without a crop top, and the Astronaut Pals Crop Top is a great option. Combining astronauts, space vibes, a panda and a cat friend, this crop top is equally cute, unique and playful. Perfect for anyone looking for a crop top unlike any other that they've owned before. 


Didn't see anything you liked? Shop the rest of the Burning Man Collection for all your rave gear, accessories and festival staples for Burning Man! 

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