DanceSafe Launches #WeLoveConsent Movement To Advocate Against Sexual Misconduct


| May 10, 2018

With all of the recent scandals that have hit the media in recent years, people are finally coming together for movements such as #MeToo. The entertainment industry has watched scandals surface left and right as victims are finally using platforms to speak out, then others follow. 

In EDM, we recently watched Datsik go from a must-see artist on lineups to cancelling all his shows due to inappropriate behavior surfacing

Unfortunately the music and entertainment industry has faced a lot of rape culture. Being under the influence is a huge risk factor for rape and sexual assault to occur, and unfortunately many have experienced or seen it. 

From a simple ass-grab on the dance floor, to people slipping drugs into drinks, nightlife is unfortunately high risk for sexual misconduct.


But how can we change this? 

Talking about it and making it known that victims are safe to step forward because they are not alone. We must join together as a community to be advocates.

The #MeToo movement has already been making strides, and artists from across the world are supporting it. Borgore talked about empowering women in an iEDM exclusive interview HERE

The newest movement is #WeAreConsent and was started by non-profit organization DanceSafe. DanceSafe promotes health and safety to the electronic music community. See their announcement here: 



#WeLoveConsent initiatives and services focus on building a consent culture and reducing the incidence of sexual violence in nightlife settings through consent education and bystander intervention. Current initiatives include:

● Providing safe spaces to engage in conversations about sex, consent, and rape culture

● Disseminating educational materials regarding consent, rape culture, bystander intervention, survivor support, and consent culture via online communication channels and on the ground at events

● Working with event producers and other key stakeholders to combat rape culture and build a consent culture

● Mobilizing the community to embody the values of #WeLoveConsent and actively work towards creating a consent culture.

DanceSafe is a non-profit dedicated to keeping music festival and nightlife events safe. Their efforts include drug abuse and misuse info, and now educating the community about consent. They are known for their harm reduction initiatives that include informing and educating people to make healthy decisions. 

Having these conversations to the industry and community is key to making change. They encourage "Don't just stand by, stand up!"

We must stand together on what is right and what is not okay, because the EDM community is about unity and love. Join the movement today, because consent is not just sexy, it is mandatory. 

Find out more about #WeLoveConsent HERE

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Lacy Bursick

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