Artist's Who Made The Switch To EDM

| July 31, 2016

Get ready to get hit with some nostalgia. As a former “emo” kid, this list will bring back the reminders of walking through high school with music that no one else quite understood.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen one of these bands formerly in your teen years or at least heard of them. All artists had to start somewhere but here’s where a few of our favorites started out. So put on some angst-y music and get ready to relive the past.


At the top of the list is the one that is probably the most common knowledge. It’s no surprise to most people at this point that Skrillex wasn’t always a part of the EDM genre. While now he is one of the most well-known and critically acclaimed DJs, he was originally the singer in From First to Last.

He made all our teen hearts angst back in the day and continue to do so now. In 2007, Sonny left to pursue his career as Skrillex.

Cash Cash:

Once touring with bands such as The Audition and Cobra Starship, Cash Cash changed their sound from warped tour to EDC. Back in the day people would call bands sell outs for switching genres, but now it’s more accepted to change and grow as artists.

In 2011 when the band parted ways with their drummer the pop-punk band then continued on as a trio. With that came the loss of the punk part, and the trio became a successful EDM group.

Breathe Carolina:

While they’ve always considered themselves an electronic band, anyone who has heard their earlier stuff (i.e Sellouts on the album Savages) knows otherwise. They definitely were a more electronic band than From First to Last, but were far from any sub-genre of EDM.

They made the leap and switched from being the minority in their scene, to the majority. Playing electronic music at something like warped tour is accepted but they’re clearly having much more success at EDM festivals.


David had originally started out playing for a metal band called The Irish Front, which gained their popularity from Myspace.  Like his fellow OWSLA Skrillex, he was the front man and lead singer. Not wanting to start another band, he realized he had to go solo or give up on music as a career. Thus, Ghastly was born.


Honorable Mentions:

Seven Lions: He originally played in metal and punk bands all throughout middle school and high school. After being tired of waiting for his band mates all the time, he turned the tables and went into producing.

Adventure Club: The duo originally had formed a band but clearly wanted to keep that under wraps. There is zero information about the original band anywhere but hey, we’re not complaining. We like adventure club just how they are.




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