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EDM Overseas: Travel Requirements For Festival Hopping In Europe


| June 03, 2017

Today’s the day. I have spent months of planning and saving for what’s to be the biggest adventure I’ve endured to date. Today I am getting on a plane and flying across the big pond to Europe for the summer. In addition to this trip that I have been anticipating for about a year, today also marks the "take off" of my newest blog series ‘EDM Overseas’ that will be covering my adventures throughout the entire summer.

On my journey, I will be hitting up all the hot spots, night clubs, venues, concerts, and music festivals that I can find. So far I have tickets locked in for Shipsomnia in Ibiza this June, Electric Love Festival in Austria and Ultra Europe in Croatia this July, and Sziget in Hungary and Mysteryland in The Netherlands this August… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, people.


As I researched for my trip, there are some travel requirements and restrictions that I felt were worth mentioning in the case someone feeling spontaneous wanted to follow suit and make the trip to Europe. The biggest and most current issue happening with travel restrictions had to do with American visas.

Europe has been more than lenient about American travel requirements for years. It wasn’t until Trump refused to waive visa requirements for 5 European countries (Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Poland) that the issue of needing a visa to visit Europe came up. But luckily, the European Commission will not be reinstating visa requirements, so if you are traveling to Europe all you need is a valid passport.


This was a huge relief for me. I’m going to 12 different countries, and I would have had to apply and pay for a different visa in each of those 12 countries. Thankfully most of the European countries I’m going to (with the exception of Croatia) only require 1 stamp on your passport for all of the countries.

This is the start to a long journey. I have so much more to explore and tell you all about. Whether it’s an interview with artists at all these festivals I’m going to, a review of the hottest nightclubs in each city, or me just talking to random people on the street about their favorite type of electronic music, you can find it on EDM Overseas via iEDM.

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Zach Landis

Zach Landis

Read More...Zach has been active in the concert and nightlife community for over 12 years. With a background in hip hop, and an evolved love for future bass music and EDM festivals, he has insight on just about every genre on the spectrum.

Zach enjoy's spinning poi and going to live music shows for fun. In the summer of 2017, Zach will be backpacking across Europe to dig into the music scene across the pond.

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