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You Can Now Experience Festivals Through Virtual Reality

| September 06, 2016

Go to any major music festival and you'll find huddled tents of virtual experience. Nearly in every corner there is a tent reserved for one virtual reality headset or another. 

It was only a matter of time before the two experiences found a coexistence with one another. Both virtual reality sets and a festival are things you need to experience to really understand. 

Combining Two Mediums 

Virtual reality has been getting better every year. We've yet to suspend our minds to a complete new land, but visually we're getting there. At many local festivals they let festival goers try on the equipment. 

The reality switch is incredible. Some of the more popular sets include the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Standing out on top over a projected skyscraper gave me the sense of depth and fear in seconds. It's not just enough to read about or watch through a flat screen. Virtual reality is something you have to experience. 

Just like the silent disco, new uses of technology are coming together to add to an incredible experience. 

Festival Integration

On top of being able to test out the great features, festivals are able to be experienced through the medium. Coachella was just one example where they allowed for festival participants or people who couldn't make it access to a VR stream. 

By using inexpensive materials like Samsung and Google VR, users could experience the festival right from home. During EDC, over at the Carnival square VRLive was offering demonstrations of virtual reality headsets.

They were linked up to stream live footage from the largest three stages. The festival's most popular acts such as the Chainsmokers, Zedd and Marshmello were able to be streamed and watched from within the festival. 

Music and festivals for that matter are all about an all around sensory experience. Virtual reality adds another dynamic that can be tapped and channeled for people to enjoy sound and the experience in ways unimagined. 

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