Garabatto Talks Latest Single 'Infected' and Panda Funk In An iEDM Exclusive Interview

| February 01, 2018

Javier Falquet, AKA GARABATTO is not only an electronic music producer but also a drummer and pianist based in Spain.

Panda Funk label's veteran is back with another single and has teamed up once again with Charles Muses' powerful vocals for an euphonious "Infected."

“It’s so unique and its kind of a new genre, I would call it slow-mo tropical house,” says the Spanish DJ and producer. 

In 2016 he released multiple tunes that were quickly given full rotation by the biggest names in dance music such as Dillon Francis, Deorro, Blasterjaxx, Laidback Luke and many more. GARABATTO latest single “Infected” that features the talented singer, Charlee Muse, is out now and iEDM goes behind the making of this masterpiece.

iEDM: Your new single "Infected" what an amazing track. A little different feel from your previous single "Ignite." What inspired you to do this song?

GARABATTO: Thank you, it all came from the vibe of the music. I think Charles has more to say about that but for us music needs to tell a story, so in this case Charlee did an amazing job and the lyrics match completely the vibe. 

iEDM: What was your creative process like when it came to making "Infected?"

GARABATTO: It's super interesting cause the song was supposed to be way faster and happier but when the song was completely done, I slowed it down and I've put the pitch of everything down and it was absolutely different and interesting, so I added new drums on top of the new atmosphere and that's Infected.

iEDM: I know this is your second song with Charlee Muse, what is it like to work with such a talented individual?

GARABATTO: I feel so lucky to work with her in this stage of her career. I think she has a brilliant future and I'm so glad to be part of their first push.

iEDM: A lot of people might not know that you signed with Panda Funk Label, whats the best thing about working under that label?

GARABATTO: I honestly feel part of the family more than part of a business and that is key to success. When everybody takes care of everybody, only good things can come from that. 

iEDM: All of you guys definitely need to go on a tour. Speaking of tour, anything on the works?

GARABATTO: Not yet, but I can say there is big moves coming. I think everything is on point to step up our careers this year.

iEDM: Finally, what can your fans expect from you this year?

GARABATTO: I'm planning to drop tons of music of different genres, and give maaaany surprises to my followers, I can't say much about that but definitely I would like to be more active on my socials and show how things work music and business wise and show my daily stuff cause that's what I always wanted to know about the musicians that I'm fan of.

iEDM: Awesome thank you so much for your time and looking forward to this new year 2018 and good luck with everything.

GARABATTO: Thank you so much for having me, I really appreciate your time too and I hope to be back here again with more news!

So if you’re in need of some emotional catharsis during tough times, press play on ‘Infected’ for a groovy and touching melody.


Find GARABATTO on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Checkout more exclusive iEDM Interviews HERE.

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