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Are the GloxFX 3-Mode Glove Set Nasty The Right Gloves For You?


Gloving is one of the best known and beloved forms of flow art in the light show community. I truly believe that gloving is one of the most beautiful and individualistic methods of self-expression out there. No two glovers will ever perform a routine the exact same way.

Some prefer tutting, some prefer flow, and others do doubles. But no matter what your routine is, you want to make sure that your gloves are up to par. I'm here to give you ravers an in-depth review of the GloFX Team 3-Mode Glove Set: Nasty


They Fit Perfectly For A Light Show 

One of my favorite things about this glove set is the fit of the glove itself. The gloves are snug, and the fit prevents the lights from moving around during a routine.

I've had problems with other gloves that were looser and my microlights would slip around from the tops of my fingers to the bottom in the middle of a routine. The fit is perfect on these gloves and the material is light and breathable, allowing you to glove for long periods of time without your hands overheating. 

As for the lights themselves, they are a bit bulkier than other lights that I've used. They are rectangular in shape and about an inch long. The size of the lights didn't impact my gloving too much, it's fairly easy to perform finger tuts with them. However, if your finger rolls tend to be tight (mine are), the lights can bump into each other. Just be mindful when doing finger rolls to not have your fingers too close to one another.  


They Have 3-Mode Color Settings

The 3-modes are essentially a single color, bright strobe, and a dimmer strobe. The Nasty set uses a green, purple, blue and white color combination, with a pink and blue strobe effect on the middle and ring fingers.

Because this is a 3-mode glove set, it isn't as customizable as other gloves that I've used. You cannot adjust the fingers which have the multiple mode settings (the thumbs have single modes) without physically moving the lights to different fingers.

The colors complement each other well, but if this color combination doesn't do it for you, you can check out our other three mode gloves here


The Batteries Are Easy To Change 

Another big pro for me with this glove set was how easy it was to change batteries. Each microlight uses two batteries, and all you have to do to change batteries is remove the bottom of the microlight. The bottom of the microlight snaps on and off easily, it won't take you more than a minute to change batteries. 

Find the GloFX Team 3-Mode Glove Set: Nasty here

Inspired to glove? Check out our premium gloves here and our classic glove sets here. If gloving isn't your favorite form of flow art, you can shop our orbits, space whips, poi or space sabers

| June 12, 2017

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Lindsay Moriyama

Lindsey Moriyama

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Catch her at a bar slinging custom mixed drinks or on the fringes of the main stage crowd gloving, dancing, and bringing good vibes! <3

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