Headphone Activist & SSKWAN Release Downtempo LP "Audio Oasis"


"The concept for my project was started 10 years ago in my bedroom with a pair of headphones, a laptop, and the internet to build my sample database."

-Words of SSKWAN artist Headphone Activist 

Ironically I am writing this piece while doing the same thing in a brownstone bedroom with a typewriter on the wall listening to Audio Oasis. Headphone Activist creates a good vibe with his lo-fi ambient chill style. The soothing sounds of this album prepares the mind for deep thought. Throughout the LP the Pittsburgh artist sprinkles some hip hop influence with heavy bass beats to make you bob your head a little. Some personal favorites from the LP are: "Florence", "Demarco", and "League of Legends". I feel this album represents the goal of Liquid Stranger's downtempo label, SSKWAN, very well.

 Audio Oasis

Some wholesome words from Headphone Activist:

"If you are reading this, thank you, I hope my music has helped enhance your day. From streaming to sharing my music in your playlists, to posting about me on your respected forums. Thanks for helping me turn my dream into a reality."

Audio Oasis is available on multiple streaming platforms. Give the album a listen or two and feel free to follow Headphone Activist on listed socials below. Thank you for tuning in!

Headphone Activist Socials: Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Instagram

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| June 10, 2021

about the writer

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Read More...Danny is a Georgia based writer who is constantly on the road. While most of his escapades are music festival related, he does partake in other activities like concerts, going to the beach, or just simply hanging out. His day is not complete if he doesn’t hear music.

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He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Bassnectar, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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