Hermitude Talks Collaborations in iEDM Exclusive Interview


| July 04, 2016

iEDM had the pleasure of sitting down with the Hermitude duo, Luke Dubs and El Gusto at Electric Forest. We found out how they feel playing different types of crowds, some past collaborations, and what's on the radar for the duo's upcoming album. 

iEDM: You guys just played a show in Minneapolis and now are here at Electric Forest. How do you like the different atmosphere between a festival and more intimate type setting?

El Gusto: They both have their specialty about them. Last night when we played Minneapolis, it filled with 700 people. All of these people jammed in together made for a sweaty vibe that had a lot of energy packed into a tight place.

When you get to a festival like Electric Forest, you look out across this crowd and have this sea of people just giving you out all of this energy. That itself is another feeling, it’s just like a big wave. They both have these different types of energy. 

iEDM: You guys have been producing together for a while now. How did you guys start together?

Luke Dubs: We kind of started just hanging out as mates and connecting together in the studio. We were playing in a band together already and started realizing we were already into the same stuff. It  pretty much started organically from there. It’s almost exactly the same as it was when we started. Obviously, we’ve done a few more records now and have more experience, but still it’s just us two connecting in a room and seeing what comes out of it.

The process has changed a little bit, the more music you write, the more you understand, you get what you want to quicker; but yeah we just hang out in the studio and make sounds.

iEDM: How was connecting with Flume for HyperParadise?

El Gusto: We had released the original on our album and got him to do the remix. It was awesome as we heard his stuff on a local radio in Australia before he got to where he is today. He was doing some awesome stuff and that's when we hit him up for the remix. After that he sent it back about a month later, and we were like woah, this is amazing and in a way it sort of kickstarted his career.

iEDM: Are you guys working on anything new and looking towards working with any particular artists in the future?

Luke Dubs: We just started work on our next record, it's in its pretty early stages, but we are always open to collaborating with different vocalists and new producers whenever we can.

Anytime we can, it's a cool experience because we have our collaborating thing down so well now, so when a new element gets thrown in, it's really refreshing because they bring something new thing to the table. It's also a new person for us to bounce off as well. We’ll definitely be doing some more collaborating for sure.


Hermitude's tour continues on this summer, hitting more big name festivals like Global Dance Festival in Colorado and Camp Bisco in Pennsylvania.


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