iEDM Holiday Gift Guide: Give Them Gifts They Want

| December 13, 2016

Gift shopping can be a giant pain in the you know what. If I can avoid it all costs and throw a gift card at them, I totally do. Giving presents though can be half the fun of the holidays when you know you're giving someone exactly what they want. To help make your life easier I've broken down a holiday gift guide for you into sub-categories. Just remember, you're always allowed to buy yourself a present too. 'Tis the season!

Gifts For Her:

Attuned Hoodie

One of our best selling sweatshirts is the perfect staple item she'll need this winter. Not to mention come festival season when the weather drops at night and she's freezing.

Metatron Hoodie:

If you're looking for the perfect must have gift, look no further. Between the colors and the comfort, I think I'd sell my family for this sweatshirt.

Stocking Stuffers:

Tribal Kaleidoscope Glasses

Whether it's winter or summer, these glasses are the perfect festival accessory. Not to mention the tribal pattern is adorable.

Leg Wraps

With Ultra now officially right around the corner, these are the perfect accessory. Throw these in her stocking and surprise her with festival tickets, that's all she really wants anyways.

For Her Under 50$:

Astronaut Pals

You will never find a shirt cuter than a panda and a kitty being best friends in space.

Neon Galaxy:

She already lives in leggings 90% of the time anyways, might as well get her away from those boring black pairs.


Winter time is cold, obviously. Make sure she gets these just in time for that New Year's Eve festival you plan on taking her too.

Flower Crown:

She already uses the basic white girl snapchat filter 24/7 anyways. Make any girls wish come true to permanently have the flower crown filter on.

Gifts For Him:

Ugly Pizza Sweatshirt:

You know that he's going to be miserable when you force him to put on a sweater for that yearly ugly sweater party. However, he'll definitely look forward it to this year with a sweatshirt that shows off his love for pizza.

Stocking Stuffers:

GloFX Orbit:

You know he's been talking about wanting to learn how to orbit for months now. Here's his chance to finally try it out.


Luminescence Sunglasses

His face is sure to light up when he sees these in his stocking this winter.

For Him Under 50$:

Alpha Wolf:

We all have the one friend that thinks they're the top dog. Let them know you think it too with the alpha wolf shirt.

Rave Insaiyan

This shirt is perfect for any occasion. Train Insaiyan, Rave Insaiyan, basically do everything Insaiyan.


Light it up you will.


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