15 Hottest Hoodies To Keep You Warm This Christmas

Holiday Shipping Guide: 15 Ready-To-Ship Hoodies
| December 08, 2016

It is indeed, the most wonderful time of the year. December is finally upon us, which means Christmas music, onesies, splurging on gifts for our love ones, watching holiday movies and maybe even spiking our hot cocoa. 

You rack your brain and search desperately for gifts for your loved ones, yet still have trouble finding that perfect holiday gift that isn't socks.

So naturally, iEDM has come to the rescue and hooking you up with a selection of hoodies perfect for the holiday season.

The first five are ready to ship once the order is placed- meaning once the order is placed, it is guaranteed that you will get your delivery before Christmas. Time is of the essence people, and that's something we value.

Check out what we've got for you:


1) Don't Get Sucked Into The Wormhole

The galaxy visuals on this comfy hoodie are outta this world *ba dum tssss*, but don't look for too long- it'll put you in a trance and you might just even get sucked into the wormhole.

*this hoodie is ready-to-ship, which guarantees that it will arrive it in time for Christmas*


2) Hoot Hoot!

This hoodie is a hoot, literally, and is the perfect add-on present if you decided to give someone (and you really have to love them in order to do this) some EDC 2017 tickets! These majestic lil' owls are irresistible and you can almost hear them saying (hooting?), "buyyyyy meeeee." 

*this hoodie is ready-to-ship, which guarantees that it will arrive it in time for Christmas*


3) Super Kitty To The Rescue

Cats are the greatest thing to have ever graced this planet earth, and we at iEDM may or may not have a particular thing for cats (if you haven't noticed). So brace yourself, because super kitty to the rescue flying through a brightly colored vortex! How often will you see that happen, eh?

*this hoodie is ready-to-ship, which guarantees that it will arrive it in time for Christmas*


4) Guardian Of The Galaxy

Once you slip on this nebula hoodie, you will stun everyone within a 5- (possibly even 10) mile radius of you. Stay snug, while staying stylish and wearing a great piece of art at the same time! And the realistic nebula design makes it not just a regular hoodie, but a cool hoodie (please tell me at least one of you out there gets this slick Mean Girls reference).

*this hoodie is ready-to-ship, which guarantees that it will arrive it in time for Christmas*


5) Cool Cats Don't Look At Explosions

Here we go again with the cats, but honestly can you even blame us with this one? We all low-key love those cliché moments in film where the cool guy walks away in slow-motion, completely unfazed, from an exploding car as intense music plays in the background. But now we're mixing it up, with a cool cat walking away from the explosion instead. Let's just say once you this hoodie comes on, the cat won't be the only cool one around.

*this hoodie is ready-to-ship, which guarantees that it will arrive it in time for Christmas*


6) Esoteric

Our best-selling hoodie has been seen all over- from Instagram to festivals like Electric Forest, and for good reason. This hoodie gets the vibes going with its obscure and intricate geometric pattern that will make you look and feel like a walking enigma, in the best way possible.


7) IHOP (International Hoodie Of Pancakes)

Okay HONESTLY, do you even need to be convinced in order to snag this hoodie? If you like hoodies and staying comfy and you also happen to like pancakes, then we've just brought you the best of both worlds (you're welcome). An absolute essential in your closet people- just be sure to hold yourself from drooling over how realistic these pancakes look.


8) Is It A Llama? Is It A Unicorn? No, It's A Llamacorn!

Whoever thought Ligers (lions + tigers) were an awesome breed, they clearly haven't seen or heard of the majestic Llamacorn. It's a llama unicorn- it's as simple as that and yes, it's absolutely majestic total conversation starter hoodie!


9) Stay Aligned And Balanced

Another one of our most popular hoodies, the Attuned hoodie will make you feel aligned and balanced with your inner chakras. These gorgeous graphics and medley of bright colors will help you zone out, zen out and get in touch with your spiritual side. And especially on those chilly nights at *insert favorite camping festival here* when you're trying to stay warm and catch some zzz's in your sleeping tent, this hoodie will come in super clutch.


10) Cowabunga Dude!

Join the wave, or maybe just wear it? Grab your board and prepare to catch some serious waves, because this Wave hoodie means business. With a super realistic looking wave graphic that will mesmerize anyone (not just surfer dudes) and make them long for summer days at the beach.


11) Kickin' It Old School

Even though we have made so many technological advancements throughout the years, we long for the days where we would be super old school back in the day and play with a handheld GameBoy or Nintendo 64. But now, you can reminisce on the good ol' days in comfort and style with a hoodie that'll bring back tons of nostalgia.


12) Dripping Space

Okay once I laid my eyes on this hoodie, my bank account literally started to cry because it knew that it was about to become bone dry. These graphics are INSANE and super creative, and will without a doubt catch the eyes of many. 


13) ...Like A Big Pizza Pie That's Amoré

No further explanation needed. Pizza = B A E. 


14) Best Buds

Who ever said that a panda and a kitty couldn't be friends? Well at iEDM, we encourage animals of all kinds to befriend one another and go on some wild adventures together- and we can only imagine the intergalactic shenanigans that these two astronaut pals are about to get themselves into.


15) Surf The Internet, Not Waves

Okay, you can totally surf waves if you want to as well- but considering I'm probably the least athletic person ever, I'd rather surf the internet and question my life choices as I sit and look at memes until 4 in the morning. But hey, if I'm going to be doing that (and by if, I mean I do this 100% of the time), I'd rather do it in the comfort of this gnarly and super retro hoodie.

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