Seven Lions & Tritonal Blow Us Away On Horizon Tour

| November 08, 2017

You know that feeling when someone announces a tour and you don't even look at the ticket prices before you buy your ticket?

That was the case for Seven Lions and Tritonal's huge Horizon Tour, which kicked off in New York last shortly before Halloween and will be making its way across the United States. The hype for the tour was incredible, and with the first show in New York (and on Halloweekend nonetheless!) Seven Lions, Tritonal, Kill the Noise and Kill Paris made Brooklyn Hanger shake.

I personally believe that you can tell how good a show will be while you're still in line. I arrived a little late to the show (New York traffic is something else) and even when I was outside the Hanger, I could feel the bass from Kill the Noise's set.

I knew right then and there that it would be a good night. Kill the Noise played a wobbly and bassy set that made the rail (and the walls) rattle. The set was a hard and heavy opening to the night, and allowed the night to flow perfectly into Tritonal's more emotive set. 

Tritonal played a set that was melodic and energetic in equal parts. Between playing fan favorite tracks like "Hey Mama," "Hung Up" and "Anchor," Tritonal also dropped their popular remixes of "Stay" and "Something Just Like This."

Recently, iEDM had the chance to chat with Tritonal, check out the interview HERE.

Tritonal's feel good set was the perfect counterpoint to Kill the Noise's hard and heavy set and revved up fans for Seven Lions. 

I've seen Seven Lions perform quite a few times this year and for the sets that I was not able to personally witness, I listened to all of them online (thanks Mixcloud!).

He has yet to drop a set that didn't break my heart and my neck at the same time, and his Horizon Tour set was no exception. Jeff moved between melodic tunes, dirty drops and deep wobbles with his usual alacrity and finesse.

His set can be summed up in a series of moments for me. Kill the Noise joining him on stage to play their new track "Cold-Hearted." Dropping his signature "Rush Over Me" vs "Shatterpoint" mash up and destroying my heart in the process. Jeff headbanging with the crowd and showing off his L'Oreal-commercial worthy hair. Playing "Creation" and despite the heat inside, giving me goosebumps. 

Horizon Tour was an amazing show that you won't want to miss. Check out the official website for the most up to date information and grab those tickets, some shows have already sold out! 

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