[INTERVIEW] Leotrix Discusses Reload EP And The Future Of Riddim At Phoenix Lights

| April 26, 2022

From Sydney, New South Wales to Avondale, Arizona, Leotrix left the crowd starstruck with an energetic and aggressive intensity at PHXLIGHTS: Altered Orbit 2022. Featuring Reload and debuting "FUNNYFACE" among other heavy-hitters behind the decks, his control of sound design transforms the atmosphere of his tour with Eptic and future riddim and bass altogether. With an incredible head-turning impact, Leotrix is a worthy contributor to the art of future riddim and bass music.


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Leotrix below.



iEDM: Your performance was phenomenal. Did you enjoy yourself at Phoenix Lights?

Leotrix: Yeah, it was an awesome show! I had a lot of fun but I was so nervous to be playing in front of so many people.


iEDM: How would you describe the differences between riddim and dubstep?

Leotrix: I think riddim is more minimal and it has more emphasis on rhythm and flow. It's also got this four to the floor kind of bounce to it similar to house or techno so you can jump around to it easier.



iEDM: Who are your favorite riddim and dubstep DJs/producers?

Leotrix: Aweminus, Svdden Death, Syzy, Neonix, Vanfleet, Subfiltronik. There's heaps more I could name, but I think these lot have some of the finest dubstep tunes.


iEDM: What would you say makes future riddim a distinctive sub-genre?

Leotrix: Future riddim is essentially future bass and riddim/dubstep morphed together into one sound. Some people also call it Color Bass or Melodic Dubstep too. It mainly features layered and bright melodic sound design and even sometimes involves musical elements from other music such as R&B and jazz whilst keeping the punchy, bouncy sound of riddim.




iEDM: What is your biggest inspiration to create future riddim?

Leotrix: Tunes like "Self-Expression" by Moore Kismet & "Sunshine" by Syzy really inspired me to create future riddim.


iEDM: Describe your creative process. What’s a day in the studio like for Leotrix?

Leotrix: My creative process is always changing and evolving. I like to try out new music software or new approaches to making sounds. I'll sometimes just be mucking about with samples and see where that takes me creatively.


iEDM: Reload is your latest release. What were your artistic goals during the production of this EP?

Leotrix: The artistic goals were really just to have fun with the process. These were all tracks I had been slowly making little changes to overtime for the past year or two.





iEDM: What is the story behind your song, “Good”?

Leotrix: That song sort of just came together by chance. I had this vocal sample that I was playing around with which became the intro and pre drop vocal and then I made this growly bass synth sound. With the growly bass sound, I was trying to emulate the bass sounds I'd heard on some Skrillex & Noisia records in the past.


iEDM: Can you tell me what emotion you wanted to convey in “Replacement Dub”?

Leotrix: I don't really know. I guess I was just trying to flex my sound design skills on that song.



iEDM: You had the opportunity to teach a future riddim production demo with The Forbidden Society. Do you see yourself pursuing mentorship or teaching opportunities in the future?

Leotrix: Maybe.


iEDM: What’s in store for the rest of 2022?

Got some very exciting shows to announce very soon and I'm touring with Eptic next month around the US! I've been working on some new tunes whilst on tour in the US as well so hopefully they'll be ready in time to drop later this year.



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Mary Mason

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When she’s not hula hooping at a local bass and riddim show, she’s at the beach or San Diego Art Museum. Mary’s adoration for EDM (culture & community) inspires her to perform. One of her many ways of celebrating art is attending festivals with her friends.

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