EDC Las Vegas Is Offering Camping In 2018

| September 06, 2017

EDC is one of those acronyms in the EDM-world that makes heads turn, smiles blossom, and unlocks hours of memories.

Many ravers have made the pilgrimage out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at least once in their lifetime to rave under the electric sky for a beautiful weekend. EDC has just celebrated its 21st birthday (EDC can now legally drink!) and planning for EDC 2018 is already in the works. 

Insomniac's Pasqualle Rotella, the man behind EDC itself, has been teasing new changes to the huge flagship festival for several weeks now. Many ravers speculated what the changes could be and while the guesses ranged far and wide, Rotella just dropped the official announcement video today. 



The 6 minute long video showcases EDC in all its neon glory, from the extravagant stages to the pyrotechnics, legendary fireworks and the beautiful and colorful headliners. In case you don't want to watch the full 6 minute video (or you're getting too many EDC withdrawals from the video, I know I am), here are the main changes (with details) that Insomniac has decided on for its biggest and best festival.


The dates have changed to May 18-20

EDC has always been held in the middle of June (my birthday weekend!), but the festival has been moved from its traditional June date, up one month, into May. There are a number of reasons for this, primarily the weather. Heat and dehydration are the biggest dangers at festivals and EDC is held in one of the hottest states at the hottest time of year. Maybe the new May date will cool things off a bit?


EDC Vegas will now offer camping

One of the biggest complaints about EDC was traffic. And moving over one hundred thousand people to one venue is no small task, even for Insomniac. So for the 2018 edition of EDC, Insomniac is introducing a camping experience for headliners. 

-Rent an air-conditioned GA tent decked out with dust-control canvas walls, comfortable artificial grass, and electrical outlets for up to six attendees, max.

-Rent an air-conditioned Premier tent complete with dust-control canvas walls, comfortable artificial grass, twin or queen-sized beds, linens, pillows, towels, tables, chairs, and lights for up to two or four attendees, max. Bring your own RV and hook it up to the pre-arranged power on-site.

-Rent an RV fully set up and ready for arrival, complete with linens and pillows provided by Insomniac.

Check out Pasqualle's full Facebook post below:


These changes have been met with what could be described at best as mixed reactions. The new date could provide some schedule conflicts with students and camping could prove to be hotter than not, but we'll see.

Tickets for EDC 2018 and camping passes go on sale at the end of September. The details on the new hours (?!) and stages are a bit murky still, but Pasqualle promised that details will be rolling out soon. 

What do you think about the new changes? Check out our EDC Las Vegas Collection HERE, it's never too soon to prepare for EDC! 

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