[INTERVIEW] PLS&TY Sheds Lights On His New EP, '3 Days, 2 Nights', NFTs, + More

PLS&TY, 3 Days, 2 Nights

| July 21, 2023

 From the brilliant mind of Florida-native Tommy Leas, PLS&TY is a unique project that has been taking the world of dance music by storm. Accumulating over 100 million streams and a feature in a Hershey's commercial that topped 1 billion views, PLS&TY is a Billboard chat-topping regular.

After teasing his 3 Days, 2 Nights EP over the last few months, PLS&TY has finally unleashed this incredible compilation. We chatted with PLS&TY on the genre-bending project, his involvement in the NFT space, and more!

Check out iEDM’s exclusive interview with PLS&TY below.


iEDM: The second track on 3 Days, 2 Nights, “New Color”, radiates such an emotional and feel-good vibe. When listening to the lyrics, what is your interpretation of the song’s underlying message?

PLS&TY: I never reveal the meaning behind my songs, as I hope for listeners to take away their own unique interpretations and significance. Music is deeply personal, and great songs should extend well beyond only one person’s definition and thought. Nonetheless, “New Color” comes about from a place of feeling vulnerable and alone, like everything exists bleakly in black-and-white, until someone or something special fills everything up with new color and life. 

iEDM: “Echoes”, from the EP, features really eccentric and captivating soundscapes! What were a few of your go-to plugins and production techniques when crafting this anthem?

PLS&TY: It was my first time taking a stab into the drum & bass genre and production style, despite being a fan for many years. My favorite plugins used were Waves SSL E Channel to EQ and shape, SPL Vitalizer to brighten, A.O.M’s Stereo Imager to widen, LFO Tool for sidechaining, and RC20 Retro Color plugin to achieve various different tones. The song has solid drum programming and vocal foundations – all the rest came naturally. 

iEDM: “Yours”, featuring Tudor, is centered around a transcendent melodic techno bassline. Why is the instrumental a solid match with the vocals and overall theme of the song? What inspired this shift in production from the other tracks in 3 Days, 2 Nights?

PLS&TY: The day to night concept and EP titling came about organically whilst working on the production of the songs. The productions were created with what felt like a natural counterpart to the toplines and vocals. I ultimately ended up with songs for every time of day, season, mood, or place. There was not a single moment in the creation process where I attempted to purposely steer the productions towards a genre, style, or mood. Everything just… happened.

iEDM: From your perspective, how does the order of the songs in 3 Days, 2 Nights progress from day to night? Does it have anything to do with the tracks starting out more uplifting and then encompassing deeper house and even melodic techno within the last two songs?

PLS&TY: That’s exactly how I like to think about it! “Party In My Head”, “New Color”, and “Limit” feature lighter piano-house production, playing off of the “3 Days” daytime motif and titling, while “Yours” and “Upside” feature darker house production, playing off of the “2 Nights” nighttime motif and titling. “Echoes” is a bonus track that I place right in between… sunset, if you will. 

As the 3 Days, 2 Nights project unveils, each song and album cover take inspiration from the day and night themes of the EP titling, progressing in the order of the track-listing, from day to night. The songs are a proper package when the project is listened to from beginning to end – or day to night.

iEDM: What were your favorite parts about collaborating with the variety of talented artists across your 3 Days, 2 Nights EP? In your opinion, why does your signature style seem to align with a lot of singing and vocal-based tracks?

PLS&TY: My favorite part about collaboration is the connection through music, and the ability to make newfound friends from all parts of the globe. I find that working with singers and songwriters always adds an extra spark to the productions.


iEDM: Why is 3 Days, 2 Nights a great addition to Seeking Blue Records? What similarities do you hear between the sonic nature of the label and that of the EP?

PLS&TY: I believe that with this 3 Days, 2 Nights EP, Seeking Blue cements itself as a label that is not afraid to take risks or place themselves into a mold confined by only one genre or style. Without Seeking Blue, this project, that was at the core born out of a place of freedom to create without in an attempt to fit the confines of a particular genre that fans may have previously known PLS&TY for, would not exist. 


iEDM: What sparked your interest in the NFT space? What do NFTs mean to you?

PLS&TY: PLS&TY has always maintained a strong visual counterpart, whether that be tour visuals, album artworks, music videos, or overall brand identity. I see NFTs as the perfect medium to pursue audiovisual endeavors, and another home for the visual accompaniments that have been present since inception. 

NFTs are adjacent to physical collector’s items, only digital. They contain both verifiable proof of authenticity from an artist (similar to a proof of authenticity certificate one would receive with an artwork – only digital – and one that is neither impossible to be duplicated nor destroyed), and verifiable proof of ownership for the artist and collector. 

My current partnership exists with GALA Music, whereby NFT versions of my singles are released, and collectors are able to own 1 of a scarcely limited number of copies of the song and artwork. Moreover, when they collect, they accrue points that can be redeemed for in-real-life experiences. Think airline miles or credit card points, but leagues above. 

Imagine being a fan of electronic music, collecting an extremely rare song with a pre-set limited number of copies in existence, accruing points (for collecting) which can now be spent on having dinner with your favorite artist that you originally collected the song from, or a backstage experience at this artist's show. GALA Music enables this. 

For me, NFTs are helping create lifelong fans, memories, experiences, and a means of a direct relationship with my biggest supporters.


iEDM: What are your biggest long-term goals for your project right now? How do you plan on accomplishing them?

PLS&TY: I’m taking it one day at a time. More live shows, more music, and more lifelong memories. With a foundation of hard work, a strong and passionate team, and belief, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.


Photos courtesy of PLS&TY


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