Lost Frequencies Tells You How To Catch His Attention In An Exclusive Interview

| September 09, 2018

The stylish and charming Lost Frequencies is tearing down the house. Recently ranking on iEDM's "Top 5 Sets From Electric Zoo 2018," the 24-year-old Belgian producer is building his legacy at a lightning quick pace. 

Taking the stage at E-Zoo is a big deal. Ask any artist and they will tell you this: getting to play your best music before a massive New York crowd instantly becomes a life highlight. It's a fact of life, and there's no getting around it.

After his mind-blowing performance that set him apart from the rest, iEDM caught up with Lost Frequencies to discuss his favorite hotspot in Brussels, cool fashion, and new music that's just around the corner in an exclusive interview.

The DJ also reveals that sending him an email with a harsh curse word in the subject line is a way to peak his interest. We will explain more in a little bit.

iEDM: We were catching your set before meeting up with you, and I gotta say--the fans out there were going absolutely insane. They were eating up everything you were throwing at them. The support that they showed while you played the main stage is incredible. It's the tenth anniversary of Electric Zoo. How are you feelin' man?

Lost Frequencies: Well, it's my first E-Zoo, and my first time playing it, too. To be honest with you, I've heard a lot about this festival before. When I was coming up, everyone would talk about Electric Zoo. In the back of my mind, I would think, "Whoah. This is a sick festival." It's really cool being here, and being able to play. 

iEDM: Your set was at the magic hour where festival-goers really start getting into the music. I do want to talk about style for a hot second. I'd like to think I'm a stylish guy...

Lost Frequencies: You are!

iEDM: Coming from you, I'll take it. You are, as well. What do you like to wear when you perform?

Lost Frequencies: A lot of DJs wear black. They don't really stand out. I always liked to wear a lot of colors. When I played EDC for the first time, and saw everyone backstage wearing black, I told myself, "Okay. I have to do something 100% different." Now I get reactions on what I wear, and it's cool.

iEDM: You really do standout in the best way possible. Your colors pop, and I'm all about it. Backtracking a little bit, I'm actually going on a vacation to Brussels in a couple of days.

Lost Frequencies: I'm from there!

iEDM: That's why I'm going to ask you this. Not just for me, but for ravers who love to travel, what are some spots in Brussels that people should check out while they are in the area?

Lost Frequencies: If you go to Brussels, you should surly go to Delirium. It's a bar where they have more than 100 beers on draft. I get the feeling you've been there.

iEDM: Haha, I'm an easy read. That's going to be on my immediate agenda. Once I get there, I'm probably not leaving.

Lost Frequencies: I like to go there also because you don't meet a lot of Belgium people there. A lot of tourists go there. When I go there with friends, I make a lot of new friends with English people, Americans, and people you meet all over the world. It's a small place, and the vibe is cool because you are discovering so many new cultures all at once. Everything is really cozy, and when you're drinking beers--it's really nice.

iEDM: I'm all in. I find it interesting that you have really grown as an artist. This is your first time at this festival. You are also taking control of your career with your new label. It's pretty incredible. What are some early memories that still stand out to you? This can include playing smaller stages that hold a special place in your heart.

Lost Frequencies: That's really interesting, because when I'm in the US, I'm always doing festivals. I love the vibe here. It's completely different from Europe, and South America.

iEDM: How would you compare the differences? 

Lost Frequencies: I feel that the people here are really open to do something different. Sometimes when I play in Europe, if any of the acts before me play something hard, it becomes really difficult for me to think about what I'm going to do. In the US, you can actually take over the stage, and really throw a party. People understand that you want to do something different, and get into it. I feel that's how the US scene is for me, and I loved what happened at E-Zoo. 

iEDM: Listen, man. That's what New York is all about. The people here appreciate a good party and that's what you gave them. I'm curious because you come off as a self-starter. Thinking about your new label, Found Frequencies, what made you decide that this was a venture that you had to launch? That's a big leap for any artist to make.

Lost Frequencies: I was discovering a lot of tracks on the internet. I got signed because I playing them. I was like, "C'mon guys!" I started to do my thing. All the guys I've been playing with--I've been working on the demos. There's more releases coming up and I'm really excited to put them out there for the fans.

iEDM: That's awesome man. Can you let our readers at iEDM know what they can expect in the coming weeks?

Lost Frequencies: Yeah! People can send me pitches to It's funny, because I don't sign people who sound like me. I sign people who do something different. 

iEDM: I gotta ask...I get all kinds of pitches to cover all kinds of things. When someone pitches you their music, what is the best way that they can go about it? Is there some kind of trick that will catch your eye?

Lost Frequencies: There was one guy that wrote in the subject line, "F*ck you." With a lot of exclamation points. I was like, "What?" I opened it, and he said, "I'm sorry for the title, but I wanted to catch your attention." I was like, "Yeahhhhh!!!!" Now, I hope I don't get 50 emails saying, "F*ck you."

iEDM: You heard it rave fam: don't say those words to Lost Frequencies when sending an email anymore. Before we let you go, what words do you want to share with your fans?

Lost Frequencies: I want to say thank you. Thanks to them, I was able to play Electric Zoo. It was an amazing festival. Thanks to them, I can do what I love every single day. I have a lot of love for my fans.

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