Be One With Nature: 5 Nature-Themed Styles Perfect For Spring

| March 13, 2017

Despite the fact the weather this year is more unpredictable than festival lineups, Spring is definitely coming - eventually. Soon the sun will be shining and we will proceed to frolic around freely in the warm weather.

Mother nature is showing off her power with mass amounts of rain in California and the random weather that is currently consuming New York. Nature is a beautiful thing as one extreme will always balance out the next.

Celebrate nature with some of iEDM's cool threads that show off just how beautiful nature can be.

1. Roses:

Flowers are a basic festival staple since the beginning of time. Where else could the term flower child possibly have come from? Not to mention, it's what gave The Chainsmokers their first real commercial success (Selfie is not a song I will acknowledge as a real song, sorry guys.)


2. Daisy:

When it comes to Valentines Day flowers, you think roses. When it comes to festival flowers, you think daisies. I mean come on, one of the most famous and successful festivals in the world bases itself around Daisies. We're looking at you Electric Daisy Carnival.

3.  Beach Days:

The beach will always be one of the greatest parts of nature. The way the water just stays where it's supposed too and how the moon helps keep it in balance. Also it's a great place to hang out on a summer day and an even better place to stay at night and stare at the sky.

4. Ripples In Space:

Spring weather can be a tad unpredictable . Especially after the way Winter is gone this year, we can only imagine how peculiar this spring will be. With that, comes the need for you to have hoodies on deck at all times. Whether you're at a festival or just lounging at home you never know when its going to go from 0-100 real quick....and then back down to 0.

5. Aurora:

You may be sick of the cold winter by now, but this sweatshirt captures the beautiful essence of winter time. Between the beautiful sky and the cold snowy tress, what's not to love?

Find these Spring styles and everything else you need to get ready for this festival season at


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