"XOXO" Preview: Netflix's EDM Movie

| August 26, 2016

We're deep into the EDM era and there has yet to be a truly resonant film representing the genre. Netflix hopes to change that with the original release of the fictional festival movie "XOXO."

The coming of age film hopes to accomplish what movies like "Dazed and Confused" did for certain eras. The trailer showcased the multiple sides of a festival, including fans and DJs with the various facets in between.

Set at a mega-festival reminiscent of Electric Daisy Carnival, the movie seeks to go where no movie's gone before; an authentic look into the EDM scene. Here's to hoping that this movie will be able to capture the energy and experience we've all felt at a festival. 

The Film We've Been Waiting For? 

The movie stars Graham Phillips, Chris D'Elia and Sarah Hyland. The majority of the principle photography was shot at actual festivals. Director, Christopher Louie, did not disclose where. 

Viewers are really looking for authenticity in a good film based around the EDM scene. People don't want to feel as if their culture is being coopted just to capitalize on the music industry's current success. 

Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer said, "In essence, XOXO is about self-discovery, but because its backdrop is the modern day festival experience, it makes that self-discovery more exciting, present, and alive."

Mainstream EDM movies have left a bad taste in the public's perception after "We Are Your Friends," a movie in which Zac Efron plays a DJ in some bastardized version of an almost knockoff "Entourage" retelling. 

Pete Tong, an esteemed UK DJ, supervised the soundtrack. Tong stated that "XOXO" was already in production before "Friends" and wasn't too pleased with the movie. He said, "It really hurt us, it was a big setback for other electronic-music movies getting made." 

Musically Focused on the Vibe

The film's release is on August 26th. At the same time, a 16-track soundtrack will be released. Tong said that this wasn't a big budget movie.

Though they utilized everything they had on the heart of what makes the movie unique, the music. Names like Skrillex, Disclosure, and Diplo just scratch the surface. Already Galantis released the first single for the movie, "Make me Feel" that's available now. 

This could prove to be the movie everyone's been waiting for. 


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