Top 5 Highlights From Colorado's One Vibration Music Festival 2019

| May 28, 2019

As the attendees bustled in like urban refugees, eager to shed the weight of reality, I glimpsed a familiar expression upon each passerby. It was an expression akin to visiting with an old friend; A feeling of contentment, fortified by the knowledge that we were among our people. Unity was a reoccurring theme all weekend and to even glance at the pattern of rhetoric that described the festival exemplified this perfectly. The monikers One Vibration and Unify Mountain Sound, both imply that everyone involved was offering up a bit of their being, in an effort to be apart of something greater. This behavior manifested itself in different guises all weekend and it culminated most after the sun vacated, the full moon rose and the chill set in.

I witnessed first hand, absolute strangers collaborate through dance, song and the sharing of their supplies all in the name of curating a vibe that kept each other warm and the party poppin’. Reinforcing this phenomenon, was my sneaking suspicion that there seemed to be less than the usual six degrees of separation. If you didn't know the person next you, you probably knew the human next to them in some fashion, typifying the Colorado Music scene to its core.

Homegrown and hand picked, each of the stages were curated by some of the hardest working, most creative Colorado cats out there and they continued this trend by cultivating the magic that gave birth to One Vibration.

To hear more about their shared endeavors, peep this list of what you may have missed at One Vibration Music Festival.

1. Mr. Bill Gates

Photo Credit: JV Photography


If you’ve heard of either of these artists then you know exactly the amount of devotion and love the two put into their craft. If you haven't heard of them, then it’s a good thing you have me! As long time music educators, the pair are known world wide for their diverse and ever evolving styles.

As it was common knowledge the two were scheduled to throw down b2b on a collaborative set at One Vibration I hope you did not miss out on that, but did you know they also each hosted informative and inspiring workshops? Aimed at helping aspiring music producers, the topics covered ranged from sound design to post production as well as a plethora of other topics. Fresh off of teaching a Masters Class in sound design, Mr. Bill teamed up with Ill. Gates for an inspiring and educational experience to humbly share their insight with the community.

Each artist brought to the table, a unique perspective to music production, and the music industry in general. If the opportunity arises definitely do not miss out on learning from a couple of the greats.


2. Antics Studios 

Photo Credit: JV Photography

Gazing at the spectacle of the main stage, it may have been hard to take it all in at once. If this is the case for you, you may have also totally missed the live and often improvised visual aid that was occurring behind each artist. As visual tricksters and and purveyors of imagery, the line between sanity and mayhem is never very clear. However, this does not take away from the intricacy that the Antics Studios crew brings to the table. Hailing from Minnesota, every event I have ever attended has benefitted from having Antics Studios in tow.


3. Khiva

Photo Credit: JV Photography

If there is one thing the music industry lacks, it is female representation. Here in Colorado we are lucky to have a bit more of it than most places and being one of the only female artists of the weekend, Khiva was an excellent representation of diversity through music. Her music describes a place not far away, detailing an sonic landscape that can be as dark as it can be tranquil, and brings the listener closer the longer they listen. You can catch Khiva again in Colorado at Sonic Bloom Music Festival, June 20-23rd.


4. Levitation Jones

Photo Credit: JV Photography

To the trudge through the sonic battlefield of a Levitation Jones performance can easily set one over the brink of ecstatic dance. With a wide range of heavy hitters, it is a common sight to see limbs flailing and heads banging. Bearing witness to this myself, I could not help but join in and lose myself in the only mosh I could find that weekend. As a veteran of the deep dub, this is hardly surprising and yet I feel it needs to be said, for the record (at the very least). Hot off the Sold Out Tour, stay tuned for what Levitation Jones has planned next.


5. Beak Nasty

Photo Credit: Ricky Blair

Persistent in their quest for community through sound, the Bass heavy hip-hop duo kicked off the festival in true Colorado fashion: With a phatty crew of homies from across Colorado and beyond.  Consisting of the “Spacefunk Fighter Pilot” and drumset extraordinaire;   Foxy Dope, and turntable cut specialist Beak Nasty, the two have been consistently bring head nod shit to systems near you and successfully kicked off the preparty with a rockin set on the Pyramid Stage. As an optional day, I’m sure many of you may have missed this opportunity to GTFD. Not to worry, as Denver residents there will be plenty of opportunity to see the bois soon.


Photo Credit: Ricky Blair

One Vibration Music Festival, like all of us, is a work in progress. With no major incidents and an a crew of magnificent problem solvers, I believe the festival was a huge success. Each year has shown an impressive amount of growth and most every logistical problem that the festival encountered was handled efficiently and tackled strategically.

The only things I can think of that would improve next years festival: More trash and recycling receptacles! That being said, it was a learning experience for all of us, as any good festival should be and I wholeheartedly believe that the One Vibration community can become a staple influence in the Colorado scene, and the music scene in general.

Hugest of ups to the Lost in Sound crew, the Submission family, Angry Neighbor, The Mile High Sound Movement, Get it Gang Music, Pusha Management and Unify Mountain Sound for allowing us to come together, and to help us coexist. Don't forget to come vibe with us next year at One Vibration Music Festival 2020!


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She grew up in Chicago and then received her BA in Studio Art at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities before making her way to Colorado.

Her first festival was Electric Forest which inspired her to pursue a creative life. She began participating with the Bassnectar team and shortly after starting working behind the scenes of a multitude of music and art events.

You can find her running around Denver getting involved in all things art and music.

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