How To Throw The Perfect Christmas Party

| December 10, 2016

The weekends of December are filled with holiday cheer and good partying times. There a few things you should keep in mind to plan the perfect party.

iEDM is here to help you with all of your party going needs. A party planner has to be a jack of all trades and make sure everything is set up before the festivities can begin. Here are some of the essentials for a great Christmas party. 

Themes Galore 

It is the holiday season after all. Take a look at some our best ugly Christmas sweaters that you'll be able to reuse these at anytime of the winter season as well. Make a fashion statement out of your ugly sweater and laugh at everyone elses.

If you've already had one too many of these parties, think about adding a little spice to the mix. Try to make it a dress up theme with plenty of Santa hats and mistletoe. Get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Music Playlist 

Once everyone starts arriving to the party, you'll want to have a steady mix of music on in the background.

Check out how to plan the perfect playlist. It's all about creating an atmosphere for the party to flourish and people to have a great time. The music is one dynamic to the entirety of the festiveness.

We recommend Diplo's annual Mad Decent Christmas album for some dance tracks that mix with your favorite holiday tunes.


Necessary Party Favors 

Have the place stocked with some good food, festivities and drinks of choice. This will keep the party going on into the depths of the night.

Winter cocktails like white russians, eggnog and rum, and candycane martinis are delicious theme appropriate drinks.

You'll want to gather the guest list of would-be party goers and get confirmation everyone will be coming. This is a great time for an old-fashioned house party, albeit a bit more controlled and adult-like — sort of. After that there isn't much to be planned. Make sure the necessities are met and just go with the flow of party-dom.

Overall, you'll want to take care of the major things like themes, music, guest lists and getting everyone ready to have a good time. We don't need to instruct you on how to have a good time. That's an innate skill we all possess, if we just look deep enough.

Have an early Merry Christmas and have fun with the perfect Christmas party. 

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