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The First Pokémon Rave Took Place in London

| August 12, 2016

The Pokémon Go cultural craze is reaching everywhere in the world. Last week in London, one of the first Pokémon Raves was born. The inaugural event kicked off with the Pokémon theme in full effect. There was a hidden treasure hunt where ravers could win PokeCoins and free drinks. 

Of course everyone was dressed in their best PokeGear. Traveling through the venue, ravers could find a private bar that screened Pokémon episodes with podium dancers and a custom Pokémon confetti drop. 

These types of raves are a new breed and will probably be more common in the upcoming year. The new game is a great way for people to get outside and most importantly get together. 

Pokémon Vibes

One of the reasons dance culture and Pokémon Go fit together so well is their inclusive nature. It doesn't matter if you weren't old enough to even remember Pokémon or grew up watching the show. The phenomenon is for everyone.

Bringing everyone together to dance and play is a great goal. The kind-hearted competitive nature of Pokémon Go gets a lot of people out and about. In the meantime, people are leaving their comfort zones to be a part of something larger than themselves. 

These are the early days of the Pokémon Rave. It's the genesis of its conception. If you're a huge fan of both EDM and Pokémon, you don't want to come unprepared. Get a leg up on the rest of the crew by decking yourself out in our latest gear. There's a lot of outfits to choose from. iEDM always wants you looking your best to dress for rave success. 

The current raves have not been sanctioned by Nintendo. No word if there are going to be official sponsored events. But in the meantime, feel free to host your own crazy parties. Get into the spirit of things and capture the essence that is Pokémon mania.

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