Shelter Tour Preview: Porter Robinson & Madeon Take Over the East Coast

Shelter Tour Preview: Porter Robinson & Madeon Take Over New York City & Philly
| October 27, 2016

We often fantasize about what it would be like if our two favorite artists went back-to-back- but as of recently, that fantasy became a reality when two of the most unique producers in the game joined forces to give you the shelter and solace that your soul needs.

Porter Robinson and Madeon made dance music history by bringing you their heartfelt collaboration 'Shelter,' which stole the hearts and hit the feels of the dance music community all over the world. But it wasn't until they announced a special joint tour that we really saw everyone lose their shit, and it seemed that the buzz surrounding the tour was the only thing that you could hear people talk about.


Porter is not just labeled as a DJ/producer, but he is someone that truly defines and exceeds the expectation of what an artist is. He creates magic, it's honestly just as simple as that. His live sets make a home within your soul and make you question how something as beautiful as the sound you're hearing or visual you're seeing could possibly exist.

The same goes for Madeon, who has been knocking down musical barriers since age 11- yup, you heard that right- 11. I'm pretty sure that when I was 11, I still couldn't tell left from right, let alone create some of the most genre-defying, intricate tunes that the music world has ever been graced with. 

The history between these boys goes all the way back to when they were young teens. They're two people that were meant to come into each other's lives and the connection that their souls have can be felt by anyone that's in the same room as them, and this was witnessed firsthand as they kicked off their tour in Atlanta, Georgia. 

It was only the first night of the tour when it was declared by the masses that this show is going to be one of the most special shows that any dance music lover could possibly witness in their lifetime. I've had friends go and say that not only was it the best set they have ever witnessed (even when they've all previously seen Porter and Madeon separately), but it exceeded their expectations. First of all, this is probably going to be the only time this tour will EVER happen, so consider yourself blessed if you managed to snag some tickets to any of their shows, most of which have already been sold-out for a few weeks. 


The show revolves around the fusing of iconic tracks from both Porter and Madeon, such as the flawless blending of Porter's 'Sad Machine' and Madeon's 'You're On', along with a bunch of new IDs as well.

Porter and Madeon's next move will be to the East Coast, where they will bring the tour to one of the most iconic venues in the U.S.- the theater at Madison Square Garden on November 17th and 18th, and to the Electric Factory in Philly on the 19th.

Due to overwhelming demand and the immediate sell-out of the 18th MSG show, a second show date on the 17th was added, which you can still get tickets to, but the Electric Factory date and the Friday MSG date are all sold-out. Ya snooze ya lose, but hey, did you really expect a b2b tour this epic to not sell-out instantly? 

Prepare to witness history and experience one of the most unforgettable shows of your life. Also, don't forget to bring the Kleenex, this show is gonna be a emotional AF. 




-Porter Robinson & Madeon Present: Shelter Tour-

The Theater at Madison Square Garden | New York, NY

Thursday, November 17th + Friday, November 18th


-Porter Robinson & Madeon Present: Shelter Tour-

Electric Factory | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Saturday, November 19th 

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