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Kandi Culture: What It Means and Why We Love It

| October 07, 2016

Is it possible to go to a rave and not have seen kandi? Probably not. Though it may be possible you've never partaken in the culture of Kandi. But many ravers really get into the whole idea behind kandi, PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect).

If you've never worn any of these as an accessory or created your own, I would highly recommend it. Kandi in a nutshell, is a bunch of multi-colored beads, of different shapes, sizes, and letters that can be made to create just about anything.

Its history is rooted in the 1990s rave culture. People who wear kandi go around and exchange them through the peace sign, love (making a heart), unity (locking fingers) and respect by trading one kandi to the other person. 

Unleashing the Creative Side

People spend so much time amassing these bracelets just to trade it with someone else. It's a cool experience for people to put so much time into one bracelet and then see it shared to another person. 

There have been times that you'll see someone trade a really special bracelet with someone who's never even had a bracelet of kandi before. It's a cool thing to watch and witness. For international ravers too, your bracelet just might end up somewhere else in the world. 

Ravers like to sit together and make up these bracelets before the rave, call it pre-raving, with some good tunes and good vibes imbued into the future bracelets. 

Various Types of Kandi 

There are so many different types of Kandi out there that you'll see. Some of the coolest and most classic ones are the arm bands or cuffs. These come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be a great accessory to add onto a full ensemble.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd check out one of our facemasks. They come in all different kinds of colors. Are you feeling like being a superhero for the night?

If fighting crime isn't your forte then no fear. Maybe you want to wear PLUR on your face. Go right ahead, there are no limits to what you kandi create! 

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