Top 5 Current Live Electronic Sets


| August 13, 2016

Live shows have gone through quite the evolution. At the dawn of the EDM movement, or at least in the United States festival scene, there was a large saturation of producers who would only DJ at their shows. This has changed.  

At the start of it all, we went from dancing in dimly lit nightclubs with a near-anonymous DJ. Now the crowd directly faces a DJ superstar in a dazzling stage filled with production. Electronic producers now get rock star treatment. 

But a good producer knows, audiences don't want to watch someone fade and twist knobs for an hour. There's a need and place for that, but for the musical purists and people who want to be entertained, many big name producers and DJs have stepped up their game. Here are the top five current live electronic acts:

5. Deadmau5 

Deadmau5 is arguably one of the most outspoken producers. He takes his art seriously and doesn't liked to be grouped with people he considers coopting the movement. Deadmau5 adds a variety of Moog synths and all kinds of home studio gear into his live performances, in order to create a dazzling show for his fans. 

4. Disclosure

These two brothers created their new age retro sound off of their parents old studio gear. This sound translates perfectly into their live show, with digital drums to keep their beats latching onto the crowd.  

3. Griz

Griz shows everyone that picking up that brass instrument and sticking with it from middle school could be cool. The saxophone is his main musical weapon that delivers a show-stopping performance every step of the way. 

2. Zhu

Zhu's enigmatic presence is exemplified by live vocals, drummers, saxophone and guitar. There's no confusing him with any other producer on the stage as he brings the whole package and created his own sound.

1. Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson started his production career off by trying to cater to a specific sound. When he created 'Worlds' was when he found his true musical intent. His live show mixed with animated visuals makes for one of the most mindful journeys any live show has ever conveyed. 

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