Top 10 Accessories To Level Up Your North Coast Fit

| August 05, 2023

North Coast Music Festival is right around the corner and we are more excited than ever to rage in Chicago while looking our absolute best! The festival will be taking place September 1-3 at Chicago’s Seat Geek Stadium. Now is the best time to put together your dream festival outfits, so you can look incredible and feel empowered.

If you want to look fresh and rep the latest trends in rave fashion, iEDM has you covered for all your rave-wear needs. One of the best parts of outfit planning is choosing the accessories that bring it all together to create an epic fit. iEDM’s rave accessories are stylish and versatile, making them must-haves for raving. We curated a list of our top 10 favorite accessories so you can effortlessly plan your North Coast looks.

Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Best Accessories To Level Up Your North Coast Fit below.


10) Decadence Fanny Pack

Decadence Fanny Pack

Any avid festival goer knows how vital a secure fanny pack is for events. You can count on iEDM’s Decadence Fanny Pack to keep your precious belongings secure while you dance the night away. Investing in a fanny pack is a game changer and we have a wide variety of designs to suit your rave fashion needs!

Check out iEDM’s Decadence Fanny Pack HERE!


9) C2 Backpack

C2 Backpack

If you need more space for your belongings, you can opt for one of our psychedelic-inspired backpacks such as the C2 Backpack. It is ideal if you are looking to have all your essentials on you at the festival. The abstract print in this backpack is sure to complement all your North Coast fits!

Check out iEDM’s C2 Backpack HERE!



8) GloFX Diffraction Glasses

GloFX Diffraction Glasses

GloFX Diffraction Glasses add vivid colors and illusory stimulation to any scene that you are in. Not only do they look breathtaking to others, but create an unreal experience for the person wearing them as well. Our collection has a wide variety of colors, shapes, and frame styles to choose from so you can have a pair for any of your outfits at North Coast!

Check out iEDM’s GloFX Diffraction Glasses HERE!


7) Chrome Spike Goggles

Chrome Spike Goggles

If you are going for a more futuristic or steampunk vibe for this city festival, iEDM’s Chrome Spike Goggles are a great choice. The silver goggles stand out with the studded edges and will give your rave outfits an unbeatable edge. The adjustable headband makes these goggles comfortable and easy to wear as well.

Check out iEDM’s Chrome Spike Goggles HERE!


6) Holographic Zebra Face Mask

Holographic Zebra Face Mask 

Masks have become a go-to rave accessory because of how stylish and useful they are. The Holographic Zebra Face Mask is ultra-comfortable and the iridescent fabric is an eye-catching outfit addition. It is the perfect way to change up the vibe and will look stunning amongst all the lights and lasers at North Coast.

Check out iEDM’s Holographic Zebra Face Mask HERE!


5) Dazzling Dimension Bandana 

Dazzling Dimension Bandana

If you are looking for a mask that you can take on and off with more ease, the Dazzling Dimension Bandana is a must-have accessory for North Coast. You can wear this cosmic themed bandana around your neck to elevate your outfit, use it to protect yourself against the elements, or even wear it as a headband!

Check out iEDM’s Dazzling Dimension Bandana HERE!





4) Double Space Whip Remix

Double Space Whip Remix

The Double Space Whip Remix is a great outlet to showcase your flow art skills. This space whip is hypnotic and striking, especially during late-night sets at North Coast. Unleash your creative side with our world-class space whips!

Check out iEDM’s Double Space Whip Remix HERE!


3) GloFX Team Gloves

GloFX Team Gloves

Light-up gloves have been a staple in rave culture for decades. The GloFX Team Gloves which are a part of our Glow Collection take them to the next level. The gloves are flexible and feature vivid lights that will help you put on the light show of your dreams!

Check out iEDM’s GloFX Team Gloves HERE!


2) GloFx Customizable Color Tinted Luminescence Glasses

GloFx Customizable Color Tinted Luminescence Glasses

For customizable eyewear that will match the energy during both the day and night at North Coast, opt for our GloFx Customizable Color Tinted Luminescence Glasses. You can choose the frame and wire colors along with the inverter type. The light-up glasses will look stunning with the city lights surrounding the festival grounds.

Check out GloFx Customizable Color Tinted Luminescence Glasses HERE!


1) Oil Aura Bucket Hat

Oil Aura Bucket Hat

The Oil Aura Bucket Hat will add a psychedelic flare to your North Coast looks. The bucket hat will protect you from the heat during the day and the wind once it cools down at night. This is the dream festival hat you’ve been waiting for, so look no further!

Check out iEDM’s Oil Aura Bucket Hat HERE!



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