Top 10 Bomber Jackets for Winter

| November 07, 2022

This past festival season was packed with outstanding festivals and star-studded lineups. Millions of music fans got in on the action wearing groovy tank tops and bathing suits to see their favorite artists. Now that Winter festival season is in full effect, it's time to switch up your rave apparel. Luckily, iEDM has released one of  their latest clothing options: The Bomber Jacket Collection. Be cozy in style with these innovative designs, perfect for any upcoming concerts, festivals, or just a night out on the town.


Check out iEDM's Top 10 Bomber Jackets below.


Neon Land Bomber Jacket


Immerse yourself in a floral wonderland with iEDM's Neon Land Bomber Jacket. The vivid graphic depicts overlapping layers of colorful flowers with an exotic green background. This is the optimal design to wear to an outdoor event, especially a camping festival.


Buy the Neon Land Bomber Jacket HERE!


Hyperspace Bomber Jacket

With truly a one-of-a-kind design, this jacket takes its wearer on psychedelic adventure through space and time! Embodying streaks of hot pink, neon orange, lime green, and other colors, this vibrant image will captivate your fellow ravers. For a bold and funky look, pair this bomber jacket with colorful joggers. View iEDM's entire jogger collection HERE!


Buy the Hyperspace Bomber Jacket HERE!


Raspberry Iced Tea Bomber Jacket

Blending shades of turquoise and pink, this graphic gives off a calming and peaceful aura. The jacket is filled with alternating triangles that form a mesmerizing geometric illusion. This reflective bomber jacket is guaranteed to bring compliments and new friends your way.


Buy the Raspberry Iced Tea Bomber Jacket HERE!


Chill Bomber Jacket

Nothing shouts relaxed and chill vibes like iEDM's Chill Bomber Jacket. Represent your love for all things 4/20 and stoner culture in this blue and sedative print available in electric blue. Complete this look with the Chill Joggers HERE!


Buy the Chill Bomber Jacket HERE!



Luminous Entry Bomber Jacket

Taking a glimpse into the future, the Luminous Entry Bomber Jacket is a stunning work of art. The fluorescent triangle tunnel transports anyone who lays eyes on this design into an alternate reality. Adding to the complex picture, an intriguing rocky landscape sits at the bottom of the jacket.


Buy the Luminous Entry Bomber Jacket HERE!


Hyperion Bomber Jacket

Creating a sensation of natural beauty, this image is beyond breathtaking. A fiery eagle majestic flaps its wings in front of the white background that's faded with watercolor paint. Allow your happiness and passion for music to soar when you show off in this uplifting bomber.


Buy the Hyperion Bomber Jacket HERE!


Fluorescent Jungle Bomber Jacket

There is really no way to describe the Fluorescent Jungle Bomber Jacket to someone. Its imaginative design is a marvel to look at and will shock everyone at the venue it is worn to. This unbelievable jacket is a must-have for any fan of electronic music.


Buy the Fluorescent Jungle Bomber Jacket HERE!


Fire And Ice Galaxy Bomber Jacket

The sense of that emulates from the Fire And Ice Galaxy Bomber Jacket is unrivaled. On one side, a burning galaxy erupts into smoke and flames. On the other, a soothing icy galaxy floats across space. Colliding in the middle of the jacket, the two riveting forces are a prime example of eye candy.


Buy the Fire And Ice Galaxy Bomber Jacket HERE!


Astroskull Bomber Jacket

iEDM's Astroskull Bomber Jacket displays a skeleton astronaut sitting in the deep recesses of an intergalactic realm. The level of detail in the image is extraordinary to say the least. This intense graphic urges its beholder to grab the rail and start headbanging.


Buy the Astroskull Bomber Jacket HERE!


Enkidu Bomber Jacket

Delivering a powerful message, the Enkidu Bomber Jacket conveys that some of the most aesthetic things in the world are also the simplest. This basic yet hypnotic design evenly splits the bright pink and black triangles over a brilliantly forged mountain. Throw this suave bomber on and you will instantly tear up the dance floor.


Buy the Enkidu Bomber Jacket HERE!



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Update your Winter wardrobe with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the Bomber Jacket Collection HERE!

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