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Top 5 EDM Inspired Tattoos

| September 21, 2016

Getting a tattoo is an artistic step in self expression by having something inked on you for life. A lot of the times people will either get a tattoo with a lot of meaning or just because it looks awesome. In the world of EDM, amazing music has spawned countless works of art. 

These forms of art usually come through an amazing album cover or visual corresponding to the many music festivals out there. Where ever the art came from, it has inspired a host of beautiful tattoo art. We'll take a look at some of the coolest most well-done tattoos out there. Let's look at their origin and meanings as well.

5. Headliner Crazed

This could like any major festival's headliners. Not all name or font tattoos come out looking their best. But sometimes they manage to capture a certain artistic quality and end up looking great. This group of tattoos list a bunch of different producers in varying areas and fonts. 

4. Lyrical Motivation 

Right on the wrists, that had to hurt! But considering the meaning, I think the pain was worth it. While the words come out in a nice fashion, the added heartbeat is a nice touch to finish it off. If you don't know where the line comes from, it's from Daft Punk.  

3. Robotic Overload 

Speaking of robots, this robotic tattoo is a great rendition of the ambiguous duo of legends. Daft Punk's third album name is tastefully inked underneath a portrait of the two. 

The tattoo is a simplistic sketch with a rainbow emblazoned ensemble on the side of the two helmets. It's a nice rendering of a contradictory message of human after all next to their electronic counterparts. 

2. EDC Owl 

If anyone has ever been to Electric Daisy Carnival, they know it's a life changing event. The show puts on one of the most magnificent showings of light and sound imaginable, right in the middle of the desert. 

The owl has become synonymous with EDC as huge multi-storied stages embody this massive owl that overlooks the crowd. It is embedded into all merchandise and branding.

1. All Seeing Eye

Inspired by Bassnectar's Divergent Spectrum, this tattoo takes the spot as the coolest and best placed tattoo. The eye placement is what really makes this tattoo stand out. It is centered right on the spine and the wings outwardly stretch upwards to the shoulders. 

There's a kind of simplicity attached to the idea of wings with the contrast of the dark shading and a lone green eye. All together this is a collaboration of craftsmanship on the levels of placement, design, and inspiration. 

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